Monday, December 1, 2014

Bad Blogger!

So I declare I get the bad blogger of the last 6 months award!  It's actually a very positive thing - I simply just have been doing so much that I have not had the time to sit down at the computer, download pictures and write.  And I'm only working part-time!  I misplaced that camera again and I've been going going going since my last post!  I have been feeling a bit tired the last few days - the most tired I've felt since I did the cleanse a month ago.  I will be doing my gallbladder flush this Thursday and not starting my internal cleanse until after the new year.  I simply just have a lot to do! My house is finally in order (except for a few things that I will tackle next year but they are minor organizational things).  I am starting to exercise again and I am nearly ready for Christmas.  We spent this past weekend making a Thanksgiving dinner (BEST EVER) and putting up the tree.  It was a very wonderful weekend and not marred by TSW in the least bit!  My skin is still great - with a few small spots here and there along with those pesky daily hives.  I just don't think about it too much - except for having to bandage 2 fingers for work and having the occasional itch attack with the hives, my skin is not really an issue anymore in my life.  My focus lately has been my overall health and energy levels and of course getting my life in order after neglecting everything for over a year.  I still feel like I am dealing with internal issues like with my liver, gallbladder, and adrenals.  I will be getting my liver enzymes checked again in a few months once I'm done with all cleanses.  I am still having a problem losing the extra weight so I'll also ask to have my thyroid checked as well.

But anyway, just wanted to stop and check in to let you all know I am still alive and very well!  I pray you all find relief and peace soon within your own TSW journey!

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