Monday, October 28, 2013

Quick Update

Things are super busy around here!  I mean busy, busy, busy!!  So I will keep this brief.  I still have TONS of energy!  I am 90% done with my spring cleaning.  All I have left to do is clean around the dog's area, move the couch to the other side of the room, and clean where the couch was.  Our couch is a sectional and one side was used as a free-for-all dumping ground....coats, books, etc.  That is all cleared out.  Hubby decided to throw his coat over it the other day and I though I was going to have a fit!  :)  He saw the look of death in my eyes and promptly hung up his coat.....too funny!  But for the last 8-9 months of being ill, I have let everything slide.  My house was one big clutter box!  It is SOOOOO nice to have it back to being a HOME!  Oh the things that make me happy now!  :)

OK, skin wise, I am still doing well.  My legs remain being pests.  They do not hurt at all, nor do they itch much.  But when they do I break open my skin.  No further oozing other than those 2 days I talked about in my previous post.  But the areas heal slowly and I keep breaking open new skin here and there.  I also have a few areas on my arms that do the same.  They don't hurt, no swelling is noted (legs are not tight, but they do seem slightly larger than normal so I may be a little swollen there), and I continue with no oozing or redness.  I am just slightly pink here and there and dry all over.  Some days my skin feels parched.  Very little shedding going.....just a bit of flakiness when I scratch my legs.  I have not needed anything to soften my skin to move....the dryness is not painful nor does it really need any moisturizer.  I am just allowing my body to heal as naturally as possible now. 

I shower ever other more baths.  I get high anxiety when the bag of dead sea salt catches my eye.  I know the salt bath would be good for my legs, but I can't bring myself to do it.  Too many painful memories.  Showers dry me out more if I use too hot water or stay in too long.  My skin does not burn when getting out (a first in many, many years). 

I go many many hours without thinking of my skin now.  I itch every other hour or frenzies, just a dry, irritating itch here and there.  Once a day I find myself picking at my legs....a horrible habit I know I must break. 

One thing I noticed is that my nails stopped growing....haven't clipped them in about 3 weeks, and they remain super short.  I don't bite them or pick them and have never had a problem growing them to a decent length.  I think my body is just going through phases here.  Surface healing has been really slow and it coincides with the slow nail growth....maybe my  body is focusing on deeper healing at this point?  Who knows. 

What I do know is I am 18 days into this break.  No real big flares....just that 2 day blip.  I am just a few days shy of 1 month being on the supplements.  If they are working, I would expect to see bigger improvements by the end of November.  I still feel there has been some deep healing as evidenced by the thick layer of scaly skin on my hands and wrists becoming a very thin layer now, and having no more pain or burning.  This could all be coincidence or it may be the supplements.  I am still preparing myself mentally for another flare.  Even though I know I will probably flare again, I also know that I will lose it if I do....regardless of the supplements or not....I think after feeling so good these past weeks, it will be a huge hit to my psyche if I flare....I think everyone feels something similar.  So no matter how much I prepare....I will still suffer a letdown mentally.  But right now I am enjoying this great ride and am taking it one day at a time. 

I have made some preparations for going back to work....hubby worked with the person who does the schedule and made sure I did no more than two, 12 hour shifts in a row.  I work mostly in the beginning of the week so if I have a bad day, hubby can work for me and I can work one of his shifts later in the week.  I bought 5 new t-shirt like turtlenecks.  They are super soft and I can wear them under a scrub top without getting too hot.  I noticed that even though my face and neck have been clear for over a month, my neck every so often feels irritated and having a turtleneck on makes it feel better for some reason.  It doesn't hurt or burn....can't really describe it....just irritated.  My face feels amazing and doesn't feel irritated at all.  Maybe my neck is just sensitive after all it has been through this year.  After all I did wear an ice pack around it nearly 24/7 for 7-8 months!!!  Maybe I did some damage to the surface tissue?  Again who knows....

Anyway, this was longer than expected.  Off to make pierogis!  :) 

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Swelling Gone and Now Just Dry!

The leg swelling and tightness is gone this morning and now I am just dry all over.  Flaking only on the legs and small areas around body.  Feeling really good and full of energy still!  Was nervous this week about a big  flare coming, but only had 2 days of slight oozing from the right lower leg (only after scratching) and small areas of newly broken skin (but no oozing) over various areas of body.  It did not stop me from doing anything.  I did not have any pain except some burning after scratching that would last for 1-2 hours.  Can't really call this a flare - more like a small blip.  Didn't get red except for my right lower leg.  I am now dry and the opened areas are already starting to heal.

Here is what was different this week....forgot my supplements one whole day and 2-3 evenings (where I take 2/4 supplements).  I was also under a ton of stress this week!!!  After my husband's accident we dealt with my small car....I would drive him to work on the days I needed to run errands.  But with 3 kids and a dog,  my small car is not going to work long term.  We knew we were going to have to buy a new truck soon given my husband's truck had 220,000+ miles on it, but buying it  now was stressful given  I am only going back to work full time next week.  It was not a good experience....a lot of waiting and poor communication on the dealer's end.  BUT we finally drove our new truck home yesterday.  I am afraid to take it new and expensive!!!  So right now my stress levels are still up :).  I will get over it soon I'm sure.  But the last few weeks have just nearly put me over the edge....between the accident, dealing with insurance, hubby not feeling well with a concussion, and now making a huge purchase.  I am amazed my skin is doing so well   under so much stress!!  Seriously!  I haven't been this stressed in years and yet I only had a little 2 day  blip.  Amazing really.  Still hoping and praying it is the supplements working.  I am going for a visit to the ND again on Tuesday for a follow-up. Plan to ask him about doing a study.  It would be a small one, but maybe it can help to determine if the supplements can help others going through TSW.

Hope you are all doing well!!!  good to hear from you!  How are you???  Do you have a blog?  Or email?

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Slight/Mini Flare and pics

I have now been on the new supplements for 22 days and have been in a nice break for the last  14 days.  About 3-4 days ago I started having small areas of flaring....nothing widespread and nothing that caused pain or suffering.  I would have a bit of burning where I scratched and the burning would go away within an hour or two.  No nerve pain and no oozing.  Just swelling, redness, flaking, and slightly raw skin.  It never came down to where I had to change my sheets or clothes...just a slight bit of skin flaking off.  No disturbance in sleep either.  Yesterday I was bad....forgot to take my supplements and vitamins and drank wine for the first time in over a year!  Yes....I was BAD! :)  Last night my right lower leg started to go crazy with itch....I did ooze a small tiny bit for less than 20 minutes.  This morning the scratched areas are red and raw....but surprisingly no burning or pain.  Just slightly itchy and starting to dry up.  My arms did seem to flare a bit here and there....but again it would only bother me for an hour or so and then stop.  I have a bunch of new "open" areas that now need to heal, but  it doesn't stop me.  I am in the process of cleaning my whole house.  I have gotten so much done this week!!!!  Today I will be finishing my bedroom before moving onto the living room and dining room. Then tomorrow is the big vacuuming day!!  Every inch of the house is getting vacuumed!  Under the couch, on top of furniture, etc, etc!  I then will move on to baking!!  I  want to make cookies for Halloween and pierogis for Christmas!!  All I have to say is I love having energy again!!

Here are some before/after pics.....the before pics are from the day before I started the supplements.  After pics are from this morning.  The back of the left arm before pic is from a few months ago as I didn't take a shot of it a few weeks ago.

The back of my left arm looks weird because I am now tanning and all the scars remain white.

Right lower leg actually looks a bit worse....but I did just scratch the dickens out of it!  

Right foot also looks worse....but I must say I have no pain at all!!!  ANYWHERE!!  So while a few areas look a bit worse, they actually feel significantly better!!  And that says more than anything! :)

Monday, October 21, 2013

Information on 5-MTHF

There is a bit of confusion on proper dosing for this supplement.  I am very thankful to whomever was concerned on the ITSAN forums about the dose of 1 mg I was taking as the recommended dose for folic acid is 0.4 ng.  1 mg is a HUGE difference from 0.4 mg!!  I personally was concerned myself and did further research.  Folic acid is a B vitamin.....5_MTHF is the ACTIVE form of folic acid.  When folic acid is taken into the body, it needs a few things to be converted into an active form the body can use.  The 5-MTHF is the active form for those who have a problem converting folic acid to the active form....and for those with liver problems.  I did a lot of reading this morning and found a good research article on 5-MTHF.  It is lengthy and can be a hard read for some.  BUT it is worth reading as it provides some good information related to TSW I believe.  The dosage recommendations are in there as well.  1 mg is actually a very safe dosage.  But as with anything, I always tell people to PLEASE talk to their doctor first before taking any supplement or over the counter medication!!  Their are possible interactions with ANY medication/supplement. 

Here is the article:

Copy and paste in your will ask if you want to open it.....when you hit yes, it will open into a word document. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Continuing to do well....

10 days so far of major skin improvements!  Yesterday I worked an 8 hour shift and did very well.  Afterwards I had a bit of intense itching on my legs and they felt swollen.  I got really nervous I was going to ooze or flare.  But fortunately that did not happen.  I itched for a few hours and then they seemed to calm down.  No breaking open the skin - just  broke open a few lingering scabs.  I continue to not ooze anywhere at all.  The only thing I noticed the past few days is my scabs have slowed down in healing.  I don't have any new broken skin anywhere but the left over scabs that were healing so nice have come to a stagnant phase.  Not sure if that means anything.  Just going to wait it out.

Otherwise my energy levels are remarkable!!  Getting tons accomplished around the house.  I go back to work full time in 2 weeks.  I am on a mission to spring clean!  First I have to finish a few new scrub tops I want to make for myself.  I have always made my husband's scrub tops (he's an ER nurse as well) as male patterns are hard to come by. So I make Star Wars, Marine Corps, Transformers, and other manly tops for him.  But I never made them for myself.  I just finished 3 tops for fellow nurses and now am going to make 5 new ones for myself.  I should be done in a few days, then I can put away my sewing stuff for now and get cleaning!  My house is a disaster!! 8 months of just letting clutter build up and allowing the kids to vacuum and spot clean has well left it not as clean as I like it.  I'm not obsessive compulsive, but I do like things orderly and neat.  My kids have done an amazing job of cleaning the house every week all this time and I plan to keep them cleaning....but there are just some things that get missed.  Closets are cluttered, tops of shelves are dusty, under the couch must be disgusting, corners and small areas have collected dust and dog hair, things that are no longer being used need to  be thrown away, and the list goes on!!

So off I go....will be checking in tomorrow on the forum and the blogs!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

8 Months!!!!!

Yesterday was my 8 month mark!!!  I cannot believe I have come this far!!! Up until last week, I basically lived in constant flare mode, minus one break lasting about 2 weeks and a handful of 2-4 day breaks.  Those breaks were a calming of symptoms where the pain, itching, oozing, and redness were decreased but never went away.  This new break I am in started around 5 days ago....where I was noticeably better.  But this time I have very little itching, no pain, and only a pink color to me.  My symptoms have never been this reduced.  I am still hoping it is from the supplements I have been taking, but again I remain cautious.  I do not want to give myself or anyone else false hope.  I am just astounded by the huge difference in my skin.  Not only do I have no pain, but the thicker scaly parts of my skin are smoothing out and I am able to completely tolerate tanning.  3 or 4 weeks ago I remember crying hysterically because 20 minutes in the sun caused my skin to swell and ooze for days.  To have no reaction to the tanning is amazing at least to me.  My fissures and scabs are healing nicely the past 2 days.  I sleep all night with no waking at all.  In fact I never heard my husband's alarm the past 2 mornings.  I have had a HUGE amount of energy....literally going all day!

I have made a decision to put my life back into motion.  It literally has been at a near standstill the last 8 months.  I have made calls to go back to work.  I am prepared for a flare if it does occur.  But I will not allow it to hold me back from living anymore.  I am fortunate that my husband and I work the same job... just opposite days.  I plan to work the beginning of the week....if I flare and need a day off, he can work my shift and I will just work one of his shifts later in the week.  Most people do not have this luxury. So I am very thankful!!  I am also planning on doing a HUGE cleaning!!!  Our house is a bit of a disaster....I am a type A person and like everything in its place. The last 8 months things have gotten messy and I have been too tired to care.  Now it is bothering me intensely and I need to spend the next few weeks spring cleaning in the fall!!

I am very busy trying to iron out finances and insurance things since my husband's car accident.   We are getting more money back from insurance than anticipated so that helps immensely!  We thought we would have to wait a few months to buy another vehicle,  but thankfully we will be able to get one this week. My brain is actually working!!!  I say this only because for the last 8 months I have had brain fog!  Since starting the new supplements - even before my skin cleared up - I noticed I was able to focus and mentally function so much better.  I am multi-tasking and able to remember things without having to write them down!  For anyone with the severe brain fog like I had, you know how amazing it is to have your brain back!!

I will leave off with pictures I took yesterday.  My skin is clearing, is still pink, and has a lot of wrinkles. I look pretty old, but I am hoping once I am 100%, I will look more my age!  I am also hoping my hair grows back as well!  My hair is very thin....about 1-2 months ago I went through a long phase of hair loss.

Inner arm....barely pink with a few scabby areas healing.

Upper arm/elbow area....again barely pink with healing scabs

The only "problem" area on my neck....almost healed.  Otherwise just dry and wrinkly. 

My face nearly 100% my long hair....but soooo thin!

My right foot and ankle mostly white....scabs healing nicely

Back of left arm/ and dry.  Again, scabs healing!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Supplement Study

It has now been 12 days on my new supplements recommended to me by my ND.  At some point I will post the information regarding exactly how these supplements help the cells heal.  For now my computer's space bar is broken and typing is painfully slow! :(

I am feeling more than amazing!!  On top of the supplements I have also gone 10 days with no moisturizer, so keep that in mind.  My skin feels dry and is pink in color.  All scabbed areas are healing.  I have had some itching, but no longer wake up at night itching at all.  I also have not used an ice pack in 4-5 days now.  Considering I  lived with an ice pack for the last 8   months minus a day here or there, that is great!  My energy is through the roof!  I have been on the go the last 4 days with out stopping and with no set backs.  Today I went to the tanning booth for 5 minutes...both UVA and UVB.  I itched for the first hour  afterwards, but then had little to no itching the rest of the day except after I exercised....and then I was only slightly itchy.  Since tanning, the dry itchy areas on my neck and chest are gone.  I plan to go 2 more times this week  to see how things go.  I did not flare or ooze after tanning at all.  The itching I had was not was all dry surface itching.

I am still holding out on saying this has to do with the supplements I am taking.  I am a realist like I said, BUT I have received a few emails about the supplements and since they are over the counter, I see no harm in telling anyone what I am taking.  With that said, please do your own research on them....especially if you are taking any medications.  You want to make sure there are no contraindications!  If anyone does decide to take these, please let me know how you are doing!!  At least weekly if you can.  If I stay improved with no flaring in the next 2-4 weeks, I want to do a study on informal study, but one that can tell  us how much they are helping.  I will do a study on adults at  any stage.  For children, please consult your pediatrician if you want your child to take them.  Doses will need to be  adjusted for weight.  And only your pediatrician is able to do that.

These are the supplements I am taking and the doses:

5-MTHF 1mg once a day (NOTE:  This is a MUCH higher dose than recommended by the USDA.  It was advised by my ND.  DO NOT take this dose without advisement from a doctor!!!).
NAC 600mg twice a day
MSM powder 3-5 grans twice a day (methylsulfonylmethane)
Essential Pro Liposomal Glutathione 250mg once a day

I also take the following....

Raw adrenal
B complex
Vit. C 2000 mg
Milk thistle
Probiotic 50 million
Cod liver oil
Butter  oil

The ones above I have been taking for years so they  have had little to do with fast healing.

I also want to say I give all glory to God for this!!  I went to a faith healer 3 days before my appointment with the ND who told me about the 4 supplements.  I received a lot of energy but no significant improvement in skin.  BUT I do believe that He didn't want just me healed.  Maybe the supplements are what we need to get our skin to heal.  Only a study will tell.  Again in 2 weeks if I am still with no flare whatsoever, I will come up with a few weekly questionnaires for anyone wanting to participate.  Results should be evident in 2-4 months so we will not have to wait years for results.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Feeling Hopeful, but Not Jumping the Gun!

Things have been really good this past week!  So good in fact, I want to jump up and down and celebrate, but I know it would be too soon to really celebrate anything since TSW can take some wild twists and turns.  So, I will remain calm and hopeful, but not attribute this goodness to anything just yet.  But here is what's going on.....

After my last post, my legs literally dried up the next day.  My face remains remarkable!  A little tad dry in a few spots, but overall looking very good and smooth!  My hands and wrists are ever so slowly becoming less other way to describe it.  All these last 8 months, my hands and wrist have remained the same - thick, red, and scaly.  The dry scaly areas have always had this thickness to it I can't explain.  Now the surface of my hands and wrists are still dry and scaly, but no longer thick.  It feels as if the lower layers of skin are now smooth.  Every day this week I have noticed an increasing improvement.  Same with my's not like my mini-breaks before where things would improve for a few days and then flare again.....this is a slow and steady improvement over 4-5 days.  AND it has happened during a VERY stressful time.  And I mean very stressful!  3 days ago my husband was broadsided by another vehicle on his way home from work by someone who went through a stop sign.  The force deployed his airbag and then pushed his truck across 2 lanes into a fire hydrant.  The truck was totaled.  He sustained a bad concussion.  Because I have been out of work for 8 months, finances have been really tight.  So I picked up a shift yesterday so he could stay home and rest and we could still make a little much needed money.  Every time I picked up a shift during the last 8 months (only a handful of times maybe) I would flare really bad that same day.  Then the next day I would be down and out from fatigue.  But no flare, no fatigue!  I have actually finished 4 of the scrub tops I was making today.  And I have yet to feel tired.  Maybe this is all a coincidence, but the stress alone from the accident should have made me flare or at least caused an increase in itching.  But the itching is only a 3 on a scale from 0-10.  Typically I am at a 5-6.  During a bad time, 7-9.  And even during my mini-breaks, I was always itching. 

Maybe this is just a weird change of course in my TSW.  Maybe it has something to do with the new supplements.  Maybe it has to do with the faith healing.  Regardless, I feel blessed and happy!  I am still anticipating a flare sometime soon because I am a realist.  BUT I am also hoping that my skin might actually be healing.  And I hold a tiny glimmer of hope that this is it for me.  I said TINY!  My motto has always been....hope for the best, but expect the worst....and that is what I continue to follow! 

Progress to be updated again soon!  I have to spend the next few days dealing with insurance and stuff regarding the accident.  ooohhhhh what fun!  :)

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update and Pictures....

Wow, time has flown!  Of course it has been a very painful time, but hey, things are starting to look up regardless of the constant burning and itching.  Let's see....2 weeks ago I went to see a faith healer.  I did not miraculously clear up, but I did gain a lot of energy and my depression has definitely lifted.  A few days later I went to a naturopathic doctor.  He gave me 4 supplements to take to help my cells rebuild their structures back to normal.  He said I would not see any improvement immediately - but in a few months things should start to improve.  Well, OK I thought.  Time will tell.  The 4 extra supplements didn't break the bank and what he told me scientifically made perfect sense.  I will be listing them hopefully tomorrow - I have to write them down or I forget and I really do not feel like carting all my supplements to my bedroom computer.  I do know one is NAC, another is MSM powder.  The other two I cannot remember.  All the other supplements I have been taking for 6 months now so they are only for overall health and obviously haven't cured my skin.  :)

I do know that I started the 4 supplements on October 2nd (first full day taking all 4).  So it has only been 1 week.  I am pretty sure all the changes this week are coincidental.  But here goes.  After completing the antibiotics, my skin went back into full flare mode.  My legs got WAY worse.  Oozing like I have never experienced before.  They would just be soaking wet!  It has been difficult because it is very painful.  My legs barely fit into my over baggy sweats.  They are HUGE - very swollen, red, purple, and basically grotesque!  BUT with this flare, my face is untouched!  It feels soft and smooth!  I have a few splotches here and there of pink/red, but it basically feels completely healed!  My neck and chest flared but I only have a few burning areas - the rest is just dry redness.  My arms broke out as well, but it is all surface redness and dryness.  I get a little soreness at the wrists but otherwise they feel a lot better!  They still look awful but at least they are no longer oozing.  It feels as if the lower layers of my skin are actually healed, and now I am just waiting for the top layers to heal. 

All in all I am still in a lot of pain and am limited to what I can do, BUT having my face be SOOOO clear has risen my spirits and it is the very first time I actually feel like I am healing!  I am praying that the supplements work and make my skin heal faster.  I may be living with some false hope, but right now I need that extra bit of hope!  I have not followed any pattern of TSW - I have lived with a constant state of flaring minus 2-3 weeks worth of less painful days in a period of almost 8 months.  I never understand when people say they started their 3rd or 4th flare.  They describe cycles their skin goes through.  Mine has not gone through cycles.  It stayed red, angry, scaly, oozing, flaking, etc.  Some areas would get worse or better, but I never had a completely calm period of time throughout all this time.  Even my 2 week break I still oozed from my hands and wrists.  I know there are others who have suffered like me - suffered with no break.  It is discouraging and weakens the spirit.  Not that TSW doesn't do that to almost everyone, but I would be jealous of those who talked about a calm time.  I would see pictures of near clear skin and be mad that I never get that.  BUT suffering through this has pushed me to find a way to get this over with sooner.  I know how the people who have already been down this road feel - and how Dr. Rapaport feels - that there is NOTHING that will heal us faster except time.  Well I am sorry, but I highly disagree.  The thing is we have just not found out what it is.  The few studies Dr. Rapaport has published do not show things he has tried for his patients.  He published a study about the high level of NO we produce.  I'm sorry, but I think there is more to this picture than just high levels of NO.  More studies need to be done and in the meantime, I will use my own knowledge, experience, and the help of others to find something to speed this process up so those coming after us do not have to suffer like we have.  It is too agonizing and awful! 

Anyway - here are pictures I took 2 weeks ago.  The last picture is one of my face I took today so you can see the difference!  Hope you are all well!!!

Hands are still red and scaly

Redness remains on inside of arms as well....redness stops at the wrist.

My hairy leg - shaving is impossible!  But this is not bad compared to now!  I will take some pics tomorrow to show the big huge difference in how bad my legs have gotten.

My face  2 weeks ago - still flared on right side and top of lip

Not 100% clear, but close.  The right side flared areas are almost healed.  Top of lip has residual  redness, but it feels amazing!  The rest is just blotchy.  It feels smooth all over.  

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I'm Back!!!

Back from a visit with family 4 hours away.  We were gone since last Thursday.  My legs flared to a whole new level!!!  So BAD!!!  Oozing like mad crazy!  The minute I got home I got into the tub with my sea salt and wrapped them afterwards....soooooo much better!  I have a lot of unpacking and organizing to do tonight and tomorrow, but I will be visiting all your web sites and the forum!  I am feeling emotionally a LOT better!  I will be posting my pictures and a big update on my progress.  My legs may be bad, but I have some really good areas.  Good night and look forward to hearing how you are all doing!!!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Naturopath Appointment, Faith Healing, and Pictures coming Soon! much has happened in the last few days!  First off I went back on antibiotics about 10 days ago - finished last night.  My skin improved greatly as it did before.  I have very little pain and the sores are healing on about 60% of my body.  Very happy about that. 

I went to a faith healer on Sunday - it was VERY interesting and I absolutely loved listening to this man talk.  He is in his 80's and he looks like he is in his early 70's.  He asks for no money and does not do any song and dance routine.  He is very quiet and soft spoken.  I am by nature a very skeptical person.  But he seems to be genuine.  I was not going there expecting anything more than the strength to continue down this road of TSW.  I was down and beaten.  I was getting severely depressed and losing hope.  I needed more than anything a spiritual cleansing if that makes sense.  So off I went with my kids and we all loved it.  Since I returned home I have had little changes in my skin, but a HUGE (we are talking enormous) increase in my energy!  It is nothing short of miraculous!  I have had increases in energy before, but this was profound!  And it continues 2 days later!  I am also no longer depressed - can't really explain it, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders - a weight I didn't know I was carrying. 

Anyway - I kept my appointment with the naturopath today.  He has a degree in molecular and cellular biology - I picked him specifically for this due to my husband's and my theory about TSW and cell damage.  I went in there and talked for 20 minutes straight.  He listened and asked a few questions.  He then went to talk with his nutritionist.  When he came back, he discussed what the rNA and DNA of the cells need to repair themselves - he got all technical on me but that is what I wanted.  It finally made sense to me - and it only requires a few supplements.  He said my diet and current supplements are great but without these certain things, my liver will have a hard time repairing itself and it won't be able to make the methyl groups required by the cells to repair the rNA and DNA so that the cells can change back into normal cells.  Anyway, it is VERY technical, and I won't go into it all yet as I have so much left to do before dinner, but suffice to say, I fell remarkably better about everything!!  He said my skin will not improve right away, but he said if my gut is absorbing the supplements properly, then I will see a rapid increase in energy first.  He did not give me a timeline as to when to expect my skin to get better, but he is hopeful it will be sooner than if I did nothing at all.  If this works, then maybe there is hope for us TSW warriors yet.  Next week I will give a full report on all the supplements I take and the food I eat.  I will be going away to visit family in a few days so I will be gone from the computer for about a week!

BTW, thank you everyone for all your comments!  I have been very bad about responding to them!!!  I have also been scarce on the forums.  I think the latest depression really brought me to a seriously low spot and I found it hard to talk or write to anyone.  But I feel I am getting my groove back!  Have a good week all!