Thursday, October 24, 2013

Slight/Mini Flare and pics

I have now been on the new supplements for 22 days and have been in a nice break for the last  14 days.  About 3-4 days ago I started having small areas of flaring....nothing widespread and nothing that caused pain or suffering.  I would have a bit of burning where I scratched and the burning would go away within an hour or two.  No nerve pain and no oozing.  Just swelling, redness, flaking, and slightly raw skin.  It never came down to where I had to change my sheets or clothes...just a slight bit of skin flaking off.  No disturbance in sleep either.  Yesterday I was bad....forgot to take my supplements and vitamins and drank wine for the first time in over a year!  Yes....I was BAD! :)  Last night my right lower leg started to go crazy with itch....I did ooze a small tiny bit for less than 20 minutes.  This morning the scratched areas are red and raw....but surprisingly no burning or pain.  Just slightly itchy and starting to dry up.  My arms did seem to flare a bit here and there....but again it would only bother me for an hour or so and then stop.  I have a bunch of new "open" areas that now need to heal, but  it doesn't stop me.  I am in the process of cleaning my whole house.  I have gotten so much done this week!!!!  Today I will be finishing my bedroom before moving onto the living room and dining room. Then tomorrow is the big vacuuming day!!  Every inch of the house is getting vacuumed!  Under the couch, on top of furniture, etc, etc!  I then will move on to baking!!  I  want to make cookies for Halloween and pierogis for Christmas!!  All I have to say is I love having energy again!!

Here are some before/after pics.....the before pics are from the day before I started the supplements.  After pics are from this morning.  The back of the left arm before pic is from a few months ago as I didn't take a shot of it a few weeks ago.

The back of my left arm looks weird because I am now tanning and all the scars remain white.

Right lower leg actually looks a bit worse....but I did just scratch the dickens out of it!  

Right foot also looks worse....but I must say I have no pain at all!!!  ANYWHERE!!  So while a few areas look a bit worse, they actually feel significantly better!!  And that says more than anything! :)

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