Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Naturopath Appointment, Faith Healing, and Pictures coming Soon!

Wow....so much has happened in the last few days!  First off I went back on antibiotics about 10 days ago - finished last night.  My skin improved greatly as it did before.  I have very little pain and the sores are healing on about 60% of my body.  Very happy about that. 

I went to a faith healer on Sunday - it was VERY interesting and I absolutely loved listening to this man talk.  He is in his 80's and he looks like he is in his early 70's.  He asks for no money and does not do any song and dance routine.  He is very quiet and soft spoken.  I am by nature a very skeptical person.  But he seems to be genuine.  I was not going there expecting anything more than the strength to continue down this road of TSW.  I was down and beaten.  I was getting severely depressed and losing hope.  I needed more than anything a spiritual cleansing if that makes sense.  So off I went with my kids and we all loved it.  Since I returned home I have had little changes in my skin, but a HUGE (we are talking enormous) increase in my energy!  It is nothing short of miraculous!  I have had increases in energy before, but this was profound!  And it continues 2 days later!  I am also no longer depressed - can't really explain it, but I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders - a weight I didn't know I was carrying. 

Anyway - I kept my appointment with the naturopath today.  He has a degree in molecular and cellular biology - I picked him specifically for this due to my husband's and my theory about TSW and cell damage.  I went in there and talked for 20 minutes straight.  He listened and asked a few questions.  He then went to talk with his nutritionist.  When he came back, he discussed what the rNA and DNA of the cells need to repair themselves - he got all technical on me but that is what I wanted.  It finally made sense to me - and it only requires a few supplements.  He said my diet and current supplements are great but without these certain things, my liver will have a hard time repairing itself and it won't be able to make the methyl groups required by the cells to repair the rNA and DNA so that the cells can change back into normal cells.  Anyway, it is VERY technical, and I won't go into it all yet as I have so much left to do before dinner, but suffice to say, I fell remarkably better about everything!!  He said my skin will not improve right away, but he said if my gut is absorbing the supplements properly, then I will see a rapid increase in energy first.  He did not give me a timeline as to when to expect my skin to get better, but he is hopeful it will be sooner than if I did nothing at all.  If this works, then maybe there is hope for us TSW warriors yet.  Next week I will give a full report on all the supplements I take and the food I eat.  I will be going away to visit family in a few days so I will be gone from the computer for about a week!

BTW, thank you everyone for all your comments!  I have been very bad about responding to them!!!  I have also been scarce on the forums.  I think the latest depression really brought me to a seriously low spot and I found it hard to talk or write to anyone.  But I feel I am getting my groove back!  Have a good week all! 

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