Tuesday, October 15, 2013

8 Months!!!!!

Yesterday was my 8 month mark!!!  I cannot believe I have come this far!!! Up until last week, I basically lived in constant flare mode, minus one break lasting about 2 weeks and a handful of 2-4 day breaks.  Those breaks were a calming of symptoms where the pain, itching, oozing, and redness were decreased but never went away.  This new break I am in started around 5 days ago....where I was noticeably better.  But this time I have very little itching, no pain, and only a pink color to me.  My symptoms have never been this reduced.  I am still hoping it is from the supplements I have been taking, but again I remain cautious.  I do not want to give myself or anyone else false hope.  I am just astounded by the huge difference in my skin.  Not only do I have no pain, but the thicker scaly parts of my skin are smoothing out and I am able to completely tolerate tanning.  3 or 4 weeks ago I remember crying hysterically because 20 minutes in the sun caused my skin to swell and ooze for days.  To have no reaction to the tanning is amazing at least to me.  My fissures and scabs are healing nicely the past 2 days.  I sleep all night with no waking at all.  In fact I never heard my husband's alarm the past 2 mornings.  I have had a HUGE amount of energy....literally going all day!

I have made a decision to put my life back into motion.  It literally has been at a near standstill the last 8 months.  I have made calls to go back to work.  I am prepared for a flare if it does occur.  But I will not allow it to hold me back from living anymore.  I am fortunate that my husband and I work the same job... just opposite days.  I plan to work the beginning of the week....if I flare and need a day off, he can work my shift and I will just work one of his shifts later in the week.  Most people do not have this luxury. So I am very thankful!!  I am also planning on doing a HUGE cleaning!!!  Our house is a bit of a disaster....I am a type A person and like everything in its place. The last 8 months things have gotten messy and I have been too tired to care.  Now it is bothering me intensely and I need to spend the next few weeks spring cleaning in the fall!!

I am very busy trying to iron out finances and insurance things since my husband's car accident.   We are getting more money back from insurance than anticipated so that helps immensely!  We thought we would have to wait a few months to buy another vehicle,  but thankfully we will be able to get one this week. My brain is actually working!!!  I say this only because for the last 8 months I have had brain fog!  Since starting the new supplements - even before my skin cleared up - I noticed I was able to focus and mentally function so much better.  I am multi-tasking and able to remember things without having to write them down!  For anyone with the severe brain fog like I had, you know how amazing it is to have your brain back!!

I will leave off with pictures I took yesterday.  My skin is clearing, is still pink, and has a lot of wrinkles. I look pretty old, but I am hoping once I am 100%, I will look more my age!  I am also hoping my hair grows back as well!  My hair is very thin....about 1-2 months ago I went through a long phase of hair loss.

Inner arm....barely pink with a few scabby areas healing.

Upper arm/elbow area....again barely pink with healing scabs

The only "problem" area on my neck....almost healed.  Otherwise just dry and wrinkly. 

My face nearly 100% clear....love my long hair....but soooo thin!

My right foot and ankle mostly white....scabs healing nicely

Back of left arm/hand....pink and dry.  Again, scabs healing!


  1. Wow looking good tracy.
    Hoping I'll get there soon.
    I hope your supplements are helping. Keep us posted.

  2. Looking good Tracy!
    You know what? Your positivity strikes me most!
    Keep healing!

  3. Your skin is looking really good Tracy! I'm so happy for you.