Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Update and Pictures....

Wow, time has flown!  Of course it has been a very painful time, but hey, things are starting to look up regardless of the constant burning and itching.  Let's see....2 weeks ago I went to see a faith healer.  I did not miraculously clear up, but I did gain a lot of energy and my depression has definitely lifted.  A few days later I went to a naturopathic doctor.  He gave me 4 supplements to take to help my cells rebuild their structures back to normal.  He said I would not see any improvement immediately - but in a few months things should start to improve.  Well, OK I thought.  Time will tell.  The 4 extra supplements didn't break the bank and what he told me scientifically made perfect sense.  I will be listing them hopefully tomorrow - I have to write them down or I forget and I really do not feel like carting all my supplements to my bedroom computer.  I do know one is NAC, another is MSM powder.  The other two I cannot remember.  All the other supplements I have been taking for 6 months now so they are only for overall health and obviously haven't cured my skin.  :)

I do know that I started the 4 supplements on October 2nd (first full day taking all 4).  So it has only been 1 week.  I am pretty sure all the changes this week are coincidental.  But here goes.  After completing the antibiotics, my skin went back into full flare mode.  My legs got WAY worse.  Oozing like I have never experienced before.  They would just be soaking wet!  It has been difficult because it is very painful.  My legs barely fit into my over baggy sweats.  They are HUGE - very swollen, red, purple, and basically grotesque!  BUT with this flare, my face is untouched!  It feels soft and smooth!  I have a few splotches here and there of pink/red, but it basically feels completely healed!  My neck and chest flared but I only have a few burning areas - the rest is just dry redness.  My arms broke out as well, but it is all surface redness and dryness.  I get a little soreness at the wrists but otherwise they feel a lot better!  They still look awful but at least they are no longer oozing.  It feels as if the lower layers of my skin are actually healed, and now I am just waiting for the top layers to heal. 

All in all I am still in a lot of pain and am limited to what I can do, BUT having my face be SOOOO clear has risen my spirits and it is the very first time I actually feel like I am healing!  I am praying that the supplements work and make my skin heal faster.  I may be living with some false hope, but right now I need that extra bit of hope!  I have not followed any pattern of TSW - I have lived with a constant state of flaring minus 2-3 weeks worth of less painful days in a period of almost 8 months.  I never understand when people say they started their 3rd or 4th flare.  They describe cycles their skin goes through.  Mine has not gone through cycles.  It stayed red, angry, scaly, oozing, flaking, etc.  Some areas would get worse or better, but I never had a completely calm period of time throughout all this time.  Even my 2 week break I still oozed from my hands and wrists.  I know there are others who have suffered like me - suffered with no break.  It is discouraging and weakens the spirit.  Not that TSW doesn't do that to almost everyone, but I would be jealous of those who talked about a calm time.  I would see pictures of near clear skin and be mad that I never get that.  BUT suffering through this has pushed me to find a way to get this over with sooner.  I know how the people who have already been down this road feel - and how Dr. Rapaport feels - that there is NOTHING that will heal us faster except time.  Well I am sorry, but I highly disagree.  The thing is we have just not found out what it is.  The few studies Dr. Rapaport has published do not show things he has tried for his patients.  He published a study about the high level of NO we produce.  I'm sorry, but I think there is more to this picture than just high levels of NO.  More studies need to be done and in the meantime, I will use my own knowledge, experience, and the help of others to find something to speed this process up so those coming after us do not have to suffer like we have.  It is too agonizing and awful! 

Anyway - here are pictures I took 2 weeks ago.  The last picture is one of my face I took today so you can see the difference!  Hope you are all well!!!

Hands are still red and scaly

Redness remains on inside of arms as well....redness stops at the wrist.

My hairy leg - shaving is impossible!  But this is not bad compared to now!  I will take some pics tomorrow to show the big huge difference in how bad my legs have gotten.

My face  2 weeks ago - still flared on right side and top of lip

Not 100% clear, but close.  The right side flared areas are almost healed.  Top of lip has residual  redness, but it feels amazing!  The rest is just blotchy.  It feels smooth all over.  


  1. I‘m happy for your improvements tracy!

  2. Thank you Itchy Mitchy!!! Hope you are doing well!!!

  3. WOW!@ looking good tracy! YAY for clear face!

  4. Hi Lisa!!!! How are you doing???? yes....very happy about the face.,...a bit dry today but hey, still so much better!!