Sunday, October 20, 2013

Continuing to do well....

10 days so far of major skin improvements!  Yesterday I worked an 8 hour shift and did very well.  Afterwards I had a bit of intense itching on my legs and they felt swollen.  I got really nervous I was going to ooze or flare.  But fortunately that did not happen.  I itched for a few hours and then they seemed to calm down.  No breaking open the skin - just  broke open a few lingering scabs.  I continue to not ooze anywhere at all.  The only thing I noticed the past few days is my scabs have slowed down in healing.  I don't have any new broken skin anywhere but the left over scabs that were healing so nice have come to a stagnant phase.  Not sure if that means anything.  Just going to wait it out.

Otherwise my energy levels are remarkable!!  Getting tons accomplished around the house.  I go back to work full time in 2 weeks.  I am on a mission to spring clean!  First I have to finish a few new scrub tops I want to make for myself.  I have always made my husband's scrub tops (he's an ER nurse as well) as male patterns are hard to come by. So I make Star Wars, Marine Corps, Transformers, and other manly tops for him.  But I never made them for myself.  I just finished 3 tops for fellow nurses and now am going to make 5 new ones for myself.  I should be done in a few days, then I can put away my sewing stuff for now and get cleaning!  My house is a disaster!! 8 months of just letting clutter build up and allowing the kids to vacuum and spot clean has well left it not as clean as I like it.  I'm not obsessive compulsive, but I do like things orderly and neat.  My kids have done an amazing job of cleaning the house every week all this time and I plan to keep them cleaning....but there are just some things that get missed.  Closets are cluttered, tops of shelves are dusty, under the couch must be disgusting, corners and small areas have collected dust and dog hair, things that are no longer being used need to  be thrown away, and the list goes on!!

So off I go....will be checking in tomorrow on the forum and the blogs!

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