Sunday, October 13, 2013

Feeling Hopeful, but Not Jumping the Gun!

Things have been really good this past week!  So good in fact, I want to jump up and down and celebrate, but I know it would be too soon to really celebrate anything since TSW can take some wild twists and turns.  So, I will remain calm and hopeful, but not attribute this goodness to anything just yet.  But here is what's going on.....

After my last post, my legs literally dried up the next day.  My face remains remarkable!  A little tad dry in a few spots, but overall looking very good and smooth!  My hands and wrists are ever so slowly becoming less other way to describe it.  All these last 8 months, my hands and wrist have remained the same - thick, red, and scaly.  The dry scaly areas have always had this thickness to it I can't explain.  Now the surface of my hands and wrists are still dry and scaly, but no longer thick.  It feels as if the lower layers of skin are now smooth.  Every day this week I have noticed an increasing improvement.  Same with my's not like my mini-breaks before where things would improve for a few days and then flare again.....this is a slow and steady improvement over 4-5 days.  AND it has happened during a VERY stressful time.  And I mean very stressful!  3 days ago my husband was broadsided by another vehicle on his way home from work by someone who went through a stop sign.  The force deployed his airbag and then pushed his truck across 2 lanes into a fire hydrant.  The truck was totaled.  He sustained a bad concussion.  Because I have been out of work for 8 months, finances have been really tight.  So I picked up a shift yesterday so he could stay home and rest and we could still make a little much needed money.  Every time I picked up a shift during the last 8 months (only a handful of times maybe) I would flare really bad that same day.  Then the next day I would be down and out from fatigue.  But no flare, no fatigue!  I have actually finished 4 of the scrub tops I was making today.  And I have yet to feel tired.  Maybe this is all a coincidence, but the stress alone from the accident should have made me flare or at least caused an increase in itching.  But the itching is only a 3 on a scale from 0-10.  Typically I am at a 5-6.  During a bad time, 7-9.  And even during my mini-breaks, I was always itching. 

Maybe this is just a weird change of course in my TSW.  Maybe it has something to do with the new supplements.  Maybe it has to do with the faith healing.  Regardless, I feel blessed and happy!  I am still anticipating a flare sometime soon because I am a realist.  BUT I am also hoping that my skin might actually be healing.  And I hold a tiny glimmer of hope that this is it for me.  I said TINY!  My motto has always been....hope for the best, but expect the worst....and that is what I continue to follow! 

Progress to be updated again soon!  I have to spend the next few days dealing with insurance and stuff regarding the accident.  ooohhhhh what fun!  :)

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  1. Sorry to hear about your poor hubby. Glad your skin is improving though. X