Saturday, October 26, 2013

Swelling Gone and Now Just Dry!

The leg swelling and tightness is gone this morning and now I am just dry all over.  Flaking only on the legs and small areas around body.  Feeling really good and full of energy still!  Was nervous this week about a big  flare coming, but only had 2 days of slight oozing from the right lower leg (only after scratching) and small areas of newly broken skin (but no oozing) over various areas of body.  It did not stop me from doing anything.  I did not have any pain except some burning after scratching that would last for 1-2 hours.  Can't really call this a flare - more like a small blip.  Didn't get red except for my right lower leg.  I am now dry and the opened areas are already starting to heal.

Here is what was different this week....forgot my supplements one whole day and 2-3 evenings (where I take 2/4 supplements).  I was also under a ton of stress this week!!!  After my husband's accident we dealt with my small car....I would drive him to work on the days I needed to run errands.  But with 3 kids and a dog,  my small car is not going to work long term.  We knew we were going to have to buy a new truck soon given my husband's truck had 220,000+ miles on it, but buying it  now was stressful given  I am only going back to work full time next week.  It was not a good experience....a lot of waiting and poor communication on the dealer's end.  BUT we finally drove our new truck home yesterday.  I am afraid to take it new and expensive!!!  So right now my stress levels are still up :).  I will get over it soon I'm sure.  But the last few weeks have just nearly put me over the edge....between the accident, dealing with insurance, hubby not feeling well with a concussion, and now making a huge purchase.  I am amazed my skin is doing so well   under so much stress!!  Seriously!  I haven't been this stressed in years and yet I only had a little 2 day  blip.  Amazing really.  Still hoping and praying it is the supplements working.  I am going for a visit to the ND again on Tuesday for a follow-up. Plan to ask him about doing a study.  It would be a small one, but maybe it can help to determine if the supplements can help others going through TSW.

Hope you are all doing well!!!  good to hear from you!  How are you???  Do you have a blog?  Or email?


  1. Yay! Your last post was soooo good. You are looking so much better. It really is amazing to see the changes. Praising God for His goodness in leading you to where you are now. Though it would have been nice to have happened sooner ;-) I can not imagine driving a new vehicle. I think I would be totally stressed, parking a mile away from anyone. Ha, ha! But glad that it finally all came together. Hey, if you still have all this energy after getting your house in order, you will have to come clean mine :-) Either that, or send some energy my way. I'll take either, though seeing you would be much better.

    Praying for continued healing!!!

    Love, your most favorite sister.

  2. Hi tracy,
    Thanks for the shout out! I feel special since lots of people go to your blog.
    I havent gotten around to makr a blog yet. But i think its soon to come. Im stressed with going back to work right now.
    I am not in a good place right now. My email is
    I love ur blog and im so happy to hear u are so much better and doing so well.