Monday, October 14, 2013

Supplement Study

It has now been 12 days on my new supplements recommended to me by my ND.  At some point I will post the information regarding exactly how these supplements help the cells heal.  For now my computer's space bar is broken and typing is painfully slow! :(

I am feeling more than amazing!!  On top of the supplements I have also gone 10 days with no moisturizer, so keep that in mind.  My skin feels dry and is pink in color.  All scabbed areas are healing.  I have had some itching, but no longer wake up at night itching at all.  I also have not used an ice pack in 4-5 days now.  Considering I  lived with an ice pack for the last 8   months minus a day here or there, that is great!  My energy is through the roof!  I have been on the go the last 4 days with out stopping and with no set backs.  Today I went to the tanning booth for 5 minutes...both UVA and UVB.  I itched for the first hour  afterwards, but then had little to no itching the rest of the day except after I exercised....and then I was only slightly itchy.  Since tanning, the dry itchy areas on my neck and chest are gone.  I plan to go 2 more times this week  to see how things go.  I did not flare or ooze after tanning at all.  The itching I had was not was all dry surface itching.

I am still holding out on saying this has to do with the supplements I am taking.  I am a realist like I said, BUT I have received a few emails about the supplements and since they are over the counter, I see no harm in telling anyone what I am taking.  With that said, please do your own research on them....especially if you are taking any medications.  You want to make sure there are no contraindications!  If anyone does decide to take these, please let me know how you are doing!!  At least weekly if you can.  If I stay improved with no flaring in the next 2-4 weeks, I want to do a study on informal study, but one that can tell  us how much they are helping.  I will do a study on adults at  any stage.  For children, please consult your pediatrician if you want your child to take them.  Doses will need to be  adjusted for weight.  And only your pediatrician is able to do that.

These are the supplements I am taking and the doses:

5-MTHF 1mg once a day (NOTE:  This is a MUCH higher dose than recommended by the USDA.  It was advised by my ND.  DO NOT take this dose without advisement from a doctor!!!).
NAC 600mg twice a day
MSM powder 3-5 grans twice a day (methylsulfonylmethane)
Essential Pro Liposomal Glutathione 250mg once a day

I also take the following....

Raw adrenal
B complex
Vit. C 2000 mg
Milk thistle
Probiotic 50 million
Cod liver oil
Butter  oil

The ones above I have been taking for years so they  have had little to do with fast healing.

I also want to say I give all glory to God for this!!  I went to a faith healer 3 days before my appointment with the ND who told me about the 4 supplements.  I received a lot of energy but no significant improvement in skin.  BUT I do believe that He didn't want just me healed.  Maybe the supplements are what we need to get our skin to heal.  Only a study will tell.  Again in 2 weeks if I am still with no flare whatsoever, I will come up with a few weekly questionnaires for anyone wanting to participate.  Results should be evident in 2-4 months so we will not have to wait years for results.

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