Sunday, October 4, 2015

Continuing to be TSW Free!

Life is chaotic and crazy for us right now!  But the good news is TSW has not reared its ugly head once!  Still free of any ooze, redness, or swelling.  Once in a great while I'll get itchy and hives from sneaking either chocolate or dairy.  But otherwise if I stay away from them then my skin remains awesome.  I haven't found my camera in all this unpacking and re-packing business.  But I did download a photo from my phone from a few weeks ago.  We are busy busy busy!  Will write again when I have time to do a REAL catch up post!  Praying for all of you out there right now!  Keep those chins up and never give up!  Also look into the genetic testing PLEASE!  It saved me and so many from worse suffering.  It may not be everyone's answer but it is definitely worth looking into!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2.5 Year Update

Well I have not been very good at keeping up my blog and writing a big finale.  I have been meaning to but life just continues to be so busy!  I have been working over time and we are moving in 3 days to another state 12 hours away.  So my big end post will have to wait.

On August 14th, the day before my birthday was my 2.5 year mark of TSW.  I honestly do not believe I am in TSW nor have I been for over 6 months at least.  I now have noticed a direct correlation in the food I'm eating and my skin.  I had minor neck irritation for a few months with itching and some burning here and there where I felt the need for an ice pack at night.  When I discovered a month ago that I was allergic to chocolate and stopped ALL chocolate, my neck cleared in 3 days....completely.  No more itching or anything.  My forearms are still dry and itchy most days with a handful of open areas that take forever to heal.  Reminds me of my old eczema as there is no redness, swelling, or ooze to speak of.  But it itches whenever I eat dairy.  Due to the stress of work and moving, I just couldn't be strict with my diet.  I try but when my options are limited and I have no time to run to the store, then cheese is often somewhere in the meal.  I know once we move and I get strict, my skin will be perfectly clear.

My face is doing exceptionally good that I actually have a pimple!  Geez...never had to deal with that before!  :)

The rest of me....well still have the weight on....I think my adrenals are stressed therefore affecting my liver and other hormones.  I think once we move and I have the means to really exercise then things might change.  But for now I am tired on my days off, but still able to get things done.

I have also been informed by another TSWer that there are other genes affecting our ability to heal.  Turns out I have some problems there as well.  Oh well....I will be visiting an awesome ND only 4 hours away from our new house who has the ability to help me with all this,  More to come on that!

For now I am off to do more packing!  :)

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Changes are coming!

I've recently took a look at my blog and realized it is in need of some sprucing up!  Not exactly sure when I will get to this but hopefully soon!  Like I have said before I am changing my focus to another blog - one I will be keeping current on once we move and start working on our 68 acre homestead. My skin is no longer in need of constant care nor do I really focus on it anymore.  I still have issues on my hands but that goes with working as a nurse.  I did have a recent flare but I'll  get to that soon! I will be keeping this blog up for those that follow behind.  But I want to make it easy for those just starting out with TSW or those looking for answers.  I have not followed many going through TSW in quite some time except for a few FB groups I follow.  I find it harder and harder to see other's suffering.  It breaks my heart.  I also get very anxious when I see pictures now of those deep into suffering.  I am sure there is some element of PTSD here.  I completely understand why people leave the support groups when they are healed - it is so difficult to go back into the world of such pain and despair.  I will continue to be here however it will be in short doses.  I will of course continue to answer questions and emails.

Life is really good.  Just got back from Virginia Beach and had a fabulous time.  My skin loved the sun and the ocean!  I bought season passes to Six Flags for us and we went the other day to make sure we got the free parking for the season.  It was 85 degrees and sunny!  I had a few areas on my neck that were irritated from the sweating, but that was it.  We had a great time except for the roller coaster experience!  That was not a bright idea on my part to take my kids on when they have never been on one!  My 12 year old was screaming and crying to get off.  I felt so bad for her!  However she got over it quickly and all 3 kids declared no more rollercoasters for now.  The water park was not open but looks like so much fun!  Can't wait!

As for my recent flare....I ended up trying a raw milk diet.  I have read so many good things on it and have wanted to try it for quite some time.  But dairy has bothered my skin during TSW.  Well my skin was super clear the last month and I felt ready to try it.  Big mistake!  Within 3 days I was flared all over my face, chest, arms, and stomach.  It was very painful and I was very red and swollen.  I went back to my MSM powder and a few other supplements.  Within 24 hours of the MSM powder and stopping the milk and all dairy my pain was 50% better.  It's been about 2 weeks since my experiment and I am nearly back to being clear - no more redness or swelling at all.  Just some left over scabbing and itching.  Hoping to be all clear again soon!

For those that do not believe diet is a factor - all I can say is that for some of us, it is a huge factor!  I encourage anyone in TSW to at least give a dairy and gluten free diet a 30 day fair chance.  It takes a while for the body to clear the proteins from the dairy.

So stay tuned for my big change.  I will be posting an all inclusive way to deal with topical steroid addiction.  Hopefully it will be helpful to those dealing with this dreaded condition!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


I am 2 days shy of my 26th month into TSW.  I am doing really really well!  I cannot state just how busy I have been with life - so busy that TSW has taken a serious back burner....other than a few posts on the FB support page, that is all I've done with regards to my skin!  The pictures I have are limited in regards to my skin as I just have not had time to even think about it.  The pictures I am sharing are from my vacation last week to Kentucky - where we own 68 acres and are planning to finally put a house on it and soon move there.  It was 80 degrees and humid!  My skin LOVED the weather there!  I feel so close to 100% healed!  I have a few spots of dry skin on my R hand and ring finger, some dry patches on my forearms and that's it folks!  Face, neck, chest, legs - all clear!  Take a look:

Taken 4/9/15 - neck and face all clear!

Me and my brother getting tipsy at a bar in Buffalo 2 weeks ago.  I had had 2 drinks by this point.

Me and my girls on 4/9/15 in KY at the Cracker Barrel

Me and hubby same day as above.

Me and my kids at Niagara Falls 2 weeks ago

Our future home spot - tire tracks will be our future driveway leading up to the top of the hill where our new house will be hopefully in 3-4 months!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

2 years TSW

Last week I had my 2 year TSW anniversary.  I have been working and cleansing so I can't say I'm better or worse.  I've done almost everything I set out to do 6 months ago with regards to healthy eating and cleansing.  I completed the 2 Blessed Herbs cleanses.  And now I'm starting on the TBA (similar to kinesiology) cleansing.  The last 21 day cleanse really made me realize how toxic my body is.  I had some horrible skin breakouts - nothing full body by any means and very little oozing, but very painful!  The last 7 days of the cleanse focused on the lymph, blood, and skin.  The back of my knees (left way worse than right) erupted something fierce.  I even had to call in sick one day as the pain was so bad I could barely walk.  Funny the back of my knees today are 99% clear.  They healed dramatically fast....hence why I think it's all related to the cleansing and not TSW.  I think toxins were just being pushed out of my skin making it inflamed and painful.

Since I stopped the cleanse over a week ago, my left hand fingers have started to break out and my right hand ring finger continues to give me grief.  I have a patch of dry inflamed skin on my R upper thigh and some redness around my neck.  My forearms are clearing up nicely.  My lower back had some minor breakouts during the last cleanse but has since cleared - hubby was rubbing my back last night and remarked how smooth it was.  My face - well I'll get to that.

So this TBA thing - it's called total body analysis and is a system where a practitioner can pick up frequencies in the body with numerous vials to see where there is illness/disease.  They then make a remedy based on these frequencies to help the body re-adjust to a state of health.  They often recommend special diets and supplements if needed.  It's also similar to homeopathy.  Well the last time I had this done the practitioner told me my immune system was in too bad of a state to handle the remedies.  He recommended all sorts of things he wanted to sell me.  Now he was probably right to an extent but I went through TSW a decade ago and had this done when I was in a much worse state.  So I gave it 6 months and did the diet and the cleanses of my choosing and chose another practitioner.  She was great and sent my my remedies the same day.  I've been on them 2 days and I'm back to having healing reactions again.  I had these before so I knew what  to expect.  I have had major anxiety, hot/cold flashes, burning hot skin (though not painful), and skin break outs.  My face is one of those areas - fortunately it doesn't hurt - just red and dry patches.  About one hour after taking the remedies I get super flushed on my face and neck - to the point I can feel the heat coming off of me.  It's really bizarre but tells me something is happening.  People may think this is junk science, but I've experienced it working in the past and am seeing it work now.

On top of the remedies she also sent me what is called liquid detox and her own special cream for the skin.  I use the liquid detox on my bad finger and for the first time since October I was able to leave it open to air for over 6 hours yesterday.  I should have left it uncovered overnight because this morning it was super itchy and I ended up scratching it open again.  I put the liquid detox on once an hour and I've only done it twice so far - not able to leave it open to air this last time - slight burning when exposed to air, but yesterday I was able to leave it open after the 3rd application.  So in another half an hour I'm hoping it feels well enough to leave it open - my only issue is work - I have to keep it covered for work as it is still at high risk for infection.  But with the remedies and everything else I am hoping I will be at a better place in a few weeks where my finger will just heal over.

So that is where I'm at - still have not taken a lot of pictures as I see no point until I am past all these cleanses.  My husband says even though some areas are seemingly worse, overall I seem to be healing at a very high rate.  I'm just thankful I have the energy to do all this and work full time!  :)

But not to go without ANY pictures, I'd thought I'd share a few I took here and there for "before" purposes.....still have to wait for the after ones!

This was taken Feb 5th - at the beginning of the last week of the 21 day cleanse that focused on the blood, lymph, and the skin.  My face really just got more inflamed and irritated. 

Again 2/5 - showing just how bad things erupted during my cleanse.  While my neck is still pink and irritated in areas it is no where this bad right now.  

L forearm on 2/5

And this is me on my 2 year anniversary 2/14/15 - about 2 days after completing the 21 day cleanse.  

After pictures coming soon!  

Friday, January 30, 2015

Cleansing reactions

I am now day 9 of 21 for my internal cleanse.  The first week was not too bad but the last few days have proven to be more difficult skin wise.  Like before I knew I would flare with this cleanse.  I was at a good point skin wise going into this.  Now....not that things are bad by any means but there are moments when I wonder why I did this while working full time!  I have moments where my skin just itches and burns - one night I thought for sure I was going to wake up to red hot inflamed legs!  They itched and burned so bad at bedtime!  But the next morning other than a few scabs, they were perfectly normal.  These are called healing reactions.  I've also had some emotional healing reactions where I just cry or even get really upset like yesterday morning for no apparent reason.  I become irrational and am not myself - this lasted for about 30 minutes then I was fine as if nothing happened. My skin continues to have these healing reactions in various areas - face, neck, arms, legs.  Nothing horrible but just irritating.

The last time I did this cleanse 9 years ago, I remember my skin getting way worse, so again this is all expected and I do not associate these flares with my TSW flares.  I also remember during the lung part of the cleanse coughing up junk that freaked me out given I never smoked.  Well I just started the lung part yesterday and today I am coughing - nothing horrible and nothing scary coming out of me, but I am expecting some more scary junk to start coming up in a day or two given how bad my asthma as been the last few years.  It amazes me how much toxic stuff our bodies build up especially when we suppress our immune systems with steroids!  It's a good feeling to get this stuff out!

As for my one finger that's still giving me grief....had to be seen in the ER a few nights ago - it literally ballooned up and poured out ooze.  I had a dry dressing on it all shift and it remained dry - then all of a sudden I felt it soaking wet and felt my finger throbbing.  I took off the dressing only to have a purple finger!  Scary I tell you!  The doctor did not think it was infected - he thought I had banged it against something and burst quite a few blood vessels.  I was scared for a few days but it has finally gone down in swelling and no longer oozing.  I wonder if it was a freak flare given the cleanse - I can't seem to remember banging my finger on anything, but then again I do get awfully busy at work.  Either way it is healing with warm salt soaks and dry dressing changes.

Life otherwise is going well.  We are hoping to be moving in a month.  But that is all depending on the job situation and our plans to move forward with renting in KY versus trying to get a house on the property over the next 3 months and then move right into the house.  So many decisions and everything I am sure will be all last minute!  :)

I am continuing to eat healthy and make lots of fermented foods even while working full time.  Hubby has really been helping me a lot with this.  He helps to "feed" the sourdough starter each night.  The kids are super helpful with all the dishes!  I have been making sourdough bread which initially came out really strong but the second batch was way better.  Banana bread has been so yummy and nutritious!  Made oatmeal this morning after soaking my oats all night.  My kombucha scoby is finally taking shape and should be ready for making kombucha soon!  :)  I want to start on fermenting veggies next but that may have to wait until we move.  I don't want to do more than I can keep up with.  It's not good for me as I get overwhelmed and then just don't do anything.  So far I am not overwhelmed and want to keep it that way!  :)

No pictures this time - I don't see the point as my skin changes day to day with the cleansing and again I don't feel it is related to TSW - just the cleanse.  I will post pictures in a few weeks when all this is done - which will be right around my 2 years TSW anniversary.  With my last cleanse I remained in a flare for about a week after I was done then things got way better!  So I am praying the same happens after this cleanse.  I am praying for better healing and more energy.  I will need it especially for moving!

Hope everyone is having a good skin day!

Friday, January 16, 2015


Today I got to get my pictures up on the computer.  I also have started back to my other blog...the one about my life before TSW dropped in and took my life for an unpredictable spin!  You can see it here:

Skin overall is healing very nicely.  Right ring finger however seems to have not gotten the message that healing is supposed to be occurring!  Darn thing won't let up still!  Oh well....all in good time I suppose!

Face overall remains very good.  Yes I still have slight pink areas with dry areas here and there.  But they do not bother me and for the most part not bad considering the constant below freezing temps we have had here this last month.

Hair line still thin, but hair is growing back ever so slowly.  

Neck and chest like face do not bother me....dry scabby areas continue to slowly heal.

Left arm doing much better than last month.

Right arm much better - scabs are almost all healed.

Legs remain fantastic - a lone scab here and there and that's it

Back behind the knee has these small areas that appeared a week or so ago but are now healing up nicely.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

23 Months and Apologies!

Today I hit my 23 month TSW anniversary!  It passed with nothing exciting happening!  I continue to do well and even took pics this morning - just have to download to my computer.  But right now I'm on my way to bed.  Just wanted to pop in as I actually remembered it was an anniversary day!  I tend to forget the last many months given I don't focus on my skin so much anymore.  I am more active on the FB support groups to support others.  I will however be devoting some more time to blogging soon - more on that next post.

Skin is doing the best it ever has I think.  I have some lingering dry scabs from where I would get hives daily and scratch them open a bit.  I have some on my left forearm.  Nearly gone on right forearm.  Some pink dryness on neck.  Face is almost all clear with a few pink patches.  Left leg with a few scabs as well as a few scabs behind the knees.  I have a few dry patches on my fingers and the only TSW spot is my right hand ring finger....still red and swollen and excoriated.  That's the only place I still get intense itching.  Otherwise I have surface dry skin itch.  Not sure what is up with that finger!  I did once have a horrible time with my right hand index finger for over a year.  It was a horrible mess back when I was around 25.   This sort of mimics  that.  It started back in October with 2 fingers....the ring and the middle.  The middle finger cleared up all on its own a month ago and has been fine since.  Not sure why the ring finger hasn't followed suit.  But nothing seems fair in TSW.

Fatigue is improving once again.  Back to work and still getting lots done lately.  Feels good.  :)

As for apologies....I have a few comments from my dear readers that I have not responded to - I want you to know I have seen them and appreciate them.  Will get back to them soon!  I just wish there were more hours in the days!  :)

Now off to sleep as I must be up at 8 for work.