Sunday, February 22, 2015

2 years TSW

Last week I had my 2 year TSW anniversary.  I have been working and cleansing so I can't say I'm better or worse.  I've done almost everything I set out to do 6 months ago with regards to healthy eating and cleansing.  I completed the 2 Blessed Herbs cleanses.  And now I'm starting on the TBA (similar to kinesiology) cleansing.  The last 21 day cleanse really made me realize how toxic my body is.  I had some horrible skin breakouts - nothing full body by any means and very little oozing, but very painful!  The last 7 days of the cleanse focused on the lymph, blood, and skin.  The back of my knees (left way worse than right) erupted something fierce.  I even had to call in sick one day as the pain was so bad I could barely walk.  Funny the back of my knees today are 99% clear.  They healed dramatically fast....hence why I think it's all related to the cleansing and not TSW.  I think toxins were just being pushed out of my skin making it inflamed and painful.

Since I stopped the cleanse over a week ago, my left hand fingers have started to break out and my right hand ring finger continues to give me grief.  I have a patch of dry inflamed skin on my R upper thigh and some redness around my neck.  My forearms are clearing up nicely.  My lower back had some minor breakouts during the last cleanse but has since cleared - hubby was rubbing my back last night and remarked how smooth it was.  My face - well I'll get to that.

So this TBA thing - it's called total body analysis and is a system where a practitioner can pick up frequencies in the body with numerous vials to see where there is illness/disease.  They then make a remedy based on these frequencies to help the body re-adjust to a state of health.  They often recommend special diets and supplements if needed.  It's also similar to homeopathy.  Well the last time I had this done the practitioner told me my immune system was in too bad of a state to handle the remedies.  He recommended all sorts of things he wanted to sell me.  Now he was probably right to an extent but I went through TSW a decade ago and had this done when I was in a much worse state.  So I gave it 6 months and did the diet and the cleanses of my choosing and chose another practitioner.  She was great and sent my my remedies the same day.  I've been on them 2 days and I'm back to having healing reactions again.  I had these before so I knew what  to expect.  I have had major anxiety, hot/cold flashes, burning hot skin (though not painful), and skin break outs.  My face is one of those areas - fortunately it doesn't hurt - just red and dry patches.  About one hour after taking the remedies I get super flushed on my face and neck - to the point I can feel the heat coming off of me.  It's really bizarre but tells me something is happening.  People may think this is junk science, but I've experienced it working in the past and am seeing it work now.

On top of the remedies she also sent me what is called liquid detox and her own special cream for the skin.  I use the liquid detox on my bad finger and for the first time since October I was able to leave it open to air for over 6 hours yesterday.  I should have left it uncovered overnight because this morning it was super itchy and I ended up scratching it open again.  I put the liquid detox on once an hour and I've only done it twice so far - not able to leave it open to air this last time - slight burning when exposed to air, but yesterday I was able to leave it open after the 3rd application.  So in another half an hour I'm hoping it feels well enough to leave it open - my only issue is work - I have to keep it covered for work as it is still at high risk for infection.  But with the remedies and everything else I am hoping I will be at a better place in a few weeks where my finger will just heal over.

So that is where I'm at - still have not taken a lot of pictures as I see no point until I am past all these cleanses.  My husband says even though some areas are seemingly worse, overall I seem to be healing at a very high rate.  I'm just thankful I have the energy to do all this and work full time!  :)

But not to go without ANY pictures, I'd thought I'd share a few I took here and there for "before" purposes.....still have to wait for the after ones!

This was taken Feb 5th - at the beginning of the last week of the 21 day cleanse that focused on the blood, lymph, and the skin.  My face really just got more inflamed and irritated. 

Again 2/5 - showing just how bad things erupted during my cleanse.  While my neck is still pink and irritated in areas it is no where this bad right now.  

L forearm on 2/5

And this is me on my 2 year anniversary 2/14/15 - about 2 days after completing the 21 day cleanse.  

After pictures coming soon!  

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