Friday, January 30, 2015

Cleansing reactions

I am now day 9 of 21 for my internal cleanse.  The first week was not too bad but the last few days have proven to be more difficult skin wise.  Like before I knew I would flare with this cleanse.  I was at a good point skin wise going into this.  Now....not that things are bad by any means but there are moments when I wonder why I did this while working full time!  I have moments where my skin just itches and burns - one night I thought for sure I was going to wake up to red hot inflamed legs!  They itched and burned so bad at bedtime!  But the next morning other than a few scabs, they were perfectly normal.  These are called healing reactions.  I've also had some emotional healing reactions where I just cry or even get really upset like yesterday morning for no apparent reason.  I become irrational and am not myself - this lasted for about 30 minutes then I was fine as if nothing happened. My skin continues to have these healing reactions in various areas - face, neck, arms, legs.  Nothing horrible but just irritating.

The last time I did this cleanse 9 years ago, I remember my skin getting way worse, so again this is all expected and I do not associate these flares with my TSW flares.  I also remember during the lung part of the cleanse coughing up junk that freaked me out given I never smoked.  Well I just started the lung part yesterday and today I am coughing - nothing horrible and nothing scary coming out of me, but I am expecting some more scary junk to start coming up in a day or two given how bad my asthma as been the last few years.  It amazes me how much toxic stuff our bodies build up especially when we suppress our immune systems with steroids!  It's a good feeling to get this stuff out!

As for my one finger that's still giving me grief....had to be seen in the ER a few nights ago - it literally ballooned up and poured out ooze.  I had a dry dressing on it all shift and it remained dry - then all of a sudden I felt it soaking wet and felt my finger throbbing.  I took off the dressing only to have a purple finger!  Scary I tell you!  The doctor did not think it was infected - he thought I had banged it against something and burst quite a few blood vessels.  I was scared for a few days but it has finally gone down in swelling and no longer oozing.  I wonder if it was a freak flare given the cleanse - I can't seem to remember banging my finger on anything, but then again I do get awfully busy at work.  Either way it is healing with warm salt soaks and dry dressing changes.

Life otherwise is going well.  We are hoping to be moving in a month.  But that is all depending on the job situation and our plans to move forward with renting in KY versus trying to get a house on the property over the next 3 months and then move right into the house.  So many decisions and everything I am sure will be all last minute!  :)

I am continuing to eat healthy and make lots of fermented foods even while working full time.  Hubby has really been helping me a lot with this.  He helps to "feed" the sourdough starter each night.  The kids are super helpful with all the dishes!  I have been making sourdough bread which initially came out really strong but the second batch was way better.  Banana bread has been so yummy and nutritious!  Made oatmeal this morning after soaking my oats all night.  My kombucha scoby is finally taking shape and should be ready for making kombucha soon!  :)  I want to start on fermenting veggies next but that may have to wait until we move.  I don't want to do more than I can keep up with.  It's not good for me as I get overwhelmed and then just don't do anything.  So far I am not overwhelmed and want to keep it that way!  :)

No pictures this time - I don't see the point as my skin changes day to day with the cleansing and again I don't feel it is related to TSW - just the cleanse.  I will post pictures in a few weeks when all this is done - which will be right around my 2 years TSW anniversary.  With my last cleanse I remained in a flare for about a week after I was done then things got way better!  So I am praying the same happens after this cleanse.  I am praying for better healing and more energy.  I will need it especially for moving!

Hope everyone is having a good skin day!

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