Wednesday, January 14, 2015

23 Months and Apologies!

Today I hit my 23 month TSW anniversary!  It passed with nothing exciting happening!  I continue to do well and even took pics this morning - just have to download to my computer.  But right now I'm on my way to bed.  Just wanted to pop in as I actually remembered it was an anniversary day!  I tend to forget the last many months given I don't focus on my skin so much anymore.  I am more active on the FB support groups to support others.  I will however be devoting some more time to blogging soon - more on that next post.

Skin is doing the best it ever has I think.  I have some lingering dry scabs from where I would get hives daily and scratch them open a bit.  I have some on my left forearm.  Nearly gone on right forearm.  Some pink dryness on neck.  Face is almost all clear with a few pink patches.  Left leg with a few scabs as well as a few scabs behind the knees.  I have a few dry patches on my fingers and the only TSW spot is my right hand ring finger....still red and swollen and excoriated.  That's the only place I still get intense itching.  Otherwise I have surface dry skin itch.  Not sure what is up with that finger!  I did once have a horrible time with my right hand index finger for over a year.  It was a horrible mess back when I was around 25.   This sort of mimics  that.  It started back in October with 2 fingers....the ring and the middle.  The middle finger cleared up all on its own a month ago and has been fine since.  Not sure why the ring finger hasn't followed suit.  But nothing seems fair in TSW.

Fatigue is improving once again.  Back to work and still getting lots done lately.  Feels good.  :)

As for apologies....I have a few comments from my dear readers that I have not responded to - I want you to know I have seen them and appreciate them.  Will get back to them soon!  I just wish there were more hours in the days!  :)

Now off to sleep as I must be up at 8 for work.

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