Friday, January 16, 2015


Today I got to get my pictures up on the computer.  I also have started back to my other blog...the one about my life before TSW dropped in and took my life for an unpredictable spin!  You can see it here:

Skin overall is healing very nicely.  Right ring finger however seems to have not gotten the message that healing is supposed to be occurring!  Darn thing won't let up still!  Oh well....all in good time I suppose!

Face overall remains very good.  Yes I still have slight pink areas with dry areas here and there.  But they do not bother me and for the most part not bad considering the constant below freezing temps we have had here this last month.

Hair line still thin, but hair is growing back ever so slowly.  

Neck and chest like face do not bother me....dry scabby areas continue to slowly heal.

Left arm doing much better than last month.

Right arm much better - scabs are almost all healed.

Legs remain fantastic - a lone scab here and there and that's it

Back behind the knee has these small areas that appeared a week or so ago but are now healing up nicely.  

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