Wednesday, August 26, 2015

2.5 Year Update

Well I have not been very good at keeping up my blog and writing a big finale.  I have been meaning to but life just continues to be so busy!  I have been working over time and we are moving in 3 days to another state 12 hours away.  So my big end post will have to wait.

On August 14th, the day before my birthday was my 2.5 year mark of TSW.  I honestly do not believe I am in TSW nor have I been for over 6 months at least.  I now have noticed a direct correlation in the food I'm eating and my skin.  I had minor neck irritation for a few months with itching and some burning here and there where I felt the need for an ice pack at night.  When I discovered a month ago that I was allergic to chocolate and stopped ALL chocolate, my neck cleared in 3 days....completely.  No more itching or anything.  My forearms are still dry and itchy most days with a handful of open areas that take forever to heal.  Reminds me of my old eczema as there is no redness, swelling, or ooze to speak of.  But it itches whenever I eat dairy.  Due to the stress of work and moving, I just couldn't be strict with my diet.  I try but when my options are limited and I have no time to run to the store, then cheese is often somewhere in the meal.  I know once we move and I get strict, my skin will be perfectly clear.

My face is doing exceptionally good that I actually have a pimple!  Geez...never had to deal with that before!  :)

The rest of me....well still have the weight on....I think my adrenals are stressed therefore affecting my liver and other hormones.  I think once we move and I have the means to really exercise then things might change.  But for now I am tired on my days off, but still able to get things done.

I have also been informed by another TSWer that there are other genes affecting our ability to heal.  Turns out I have some problems there as well.  Oh well....I will be visiting an awesome ND only 4 hours away from our new house who has the ability to help me with all this,  More to come on that!

For now I am off to do more packing!  :)

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