Sunday, October 4, 2015

Continuing to be TSW Free!

Life is chaotic and crazy for us right now!  But the good news is TSW has not reared its ugly head once!  Still free of any ooze, redness, or swelling.  Once in a great while I'll get itchy and hives from sneaking either chocolate or dairy.  But otherwise if I stay away from them then my skin remains awesome.  I haven't found my camera in all this unpacking and re-packing business.  But I did download a photo from my phone from a few weeks ago.  We are busy busy busy!  Will write again when I have time to do a REAL catch up post!  Praying for all of you out there right now!  Keep those chins up and never give up!  Also look into the genetic testing PLEASE!  It saved me and so many from worse suffering.  It may not be everyone's answer but it is definitely worth looking into!

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  1. Tracy, I just want to say you look awesome! Nice to see your skin normal again. I know what a difficult time you had with tsw on your hands, face, neck, legs, etc., and the immense suffering you endured for such a long time. And many thanks again for the info on the gene mutation stuff, and your blog!