Monday, October 21, 2013

Information on 5-MTHF

There is a bit of confusion on proper dosing for this supplement.  I am very thankful to whomever was concerned on the ITSAN forums about the dose of 1 mg I was taking as the recommended dose for folic acid is 0.4 ng.  1 mg is a HUGE difference from 0.4 mg!!  I personally was concerned myself and did further research.  Folic acid is a B vitamin.....5_MTHF is the ACTIVE form of folic acid.  When folic acid is taken into the body, it needs a few things to be converted into an active form the body can use.  The 5-MTHF is the active form for those who have a problem converting folic acid to the active form....and for those with liver problems.  I did a lot of reading this morning and found a good research article on 5-MTHF.  It is lengthy and can be a hard read for some.  BUT it is worth reading as it provides some good information related to TSW I believe.  The dosage recommendations are in there as well.  1 mg is actually a very safe dosage.  But as with anything, I always tell people to PLEASE talk to their doctor first before taking any supplement or over the counter medication!!  Their are possible interactions with ANY medication/supplement. 

Here is the article:

Copy and paste in your will ask if you want to open it.....when you hit yes, it will open into a word document. 

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