Monday, August 8, 2016

Turning a corner

A little over a week on my new regimen and I have to say that I'm turning a corner in the right direction.  Brain fog is slowly lifting, no hives, less itching,  almost 100% clear skin, and energy to exercise. And I'm eating dairy and gluten. But instead of my skin getting irritated in the typical areas of eczema, all I get is some minor itching.   I've gone to the gym twice in the last few days and am slowly going to get back into shape.  I still get tired easily and seem to need more rest lately but I attribute that to healing given our bodies heal best when at rest.

So the bottom line is for now I'm doing very very good.  Everything is looking up and life is moving along well.  I'm no longer feeling blah or whiny.  I'm working full time and putting in overtime without any consequences to my skin.  And my asthma is fizzling longer carry my rescue inhaler with me everywhere. I might use a puff or 2 a day but that's it.  I've only used my nebulizer once in the last 3 days.  I can't wait to go back to my family doctor for an update and let her know how good I'm doing!  My only physical thing I now need to work on is getting back into shape.  70 lbs to lose or thereabouts.  I won't be weighing myself though except maybe once a month or every other month.  Going to focus on more important numbers like my resting heart rate and BP.  Currently my BP is 127/74 and my resting heart rate is 76.  My goal is to get my HR down to 55 and my BP to 105/65.  I'm turning 44 in a week so I need to keep my heart in good shape.  Many people start blood pressure medicine in their 40s. That's not going to be me if I have anything to say about it!  :)

Praying for all of you still suffering. Keep fighting and keep looking for answers.

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