Friday, January 12, 2018

Healing Takes Time BUT....

I have been seeing quite a few posts on people suffering terribly 2, 3, and even 4 years out after starting TSW.  This makes me upset and sad as I truly believe there is a way to lessen the suffering and aid the body in healing.  I still believe most people with TSW suffer from a genetic mutation that inhibits glutathione production.  Glutathione is ESSENTIAL for cellular healing.  Without enough of it, we cannot possibly heal from the years of damage topical steroids caused us.  I used topical steroids for 30 years in all strengths and all over the body.  My TSW the first 8 months was agonizing, painful, and caused me to not be able to work and most days not get out of bed.  I went to a naturopath that discovered I had serious genetic mutations like MTHFR.  He immediately started me on intravenous glutathione.  Within 2 weeks I was able to return to work and I had my life back!  At the same time, I also started moisturizer withdrawal as some of the mutations I had prevented my body from properly breaking down chemicals - so I was reacting badly to all the chemicals in the lotions and creams.  Even the natural ones, my body still had a hard time processing.  So the combo of moisturizer withdrawal and glutathione I believe was a lifesaver.  I also took large doses (15-20 grams daily) of MSM powder which I noticed was crucial in drying up the ooze. 

I just came off a month long flare after almost 5 years TSW.  I started on oral glutathione (1000 mg twice daily) and 4-5 half mouthfuls of colloidal silver daily which was crucial for me to not itch so bad and reduce the flare's intensity.  If I skipped a few days, the itching got worse and so did the burning.  But it is now on its way out the door and I never missed a day of work during this flare as it was no where near as bad as my original flaring. 

As for the colloidal silver- it is a natural antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal product.  There are enough studies out there that show steroids cause an increase in fungal infections in people.  I do not think this is any different for people who apply steroids.  After 30 years of use, I suspected I had a fungal (or candida) overgrowth throughout my body.  I take colloidal silver about once or twice a year for at least a month long in order to help fight the candida.  This is also a crucial step in helping a lot of people with fungal or viral infections that people with TSW get.  Everyone should definitely do their own research on taking colloidal silver internally.  I did at least 6 months of research on this years ago before I ever took it - I felt it was safe for me and have never experienced any side effects from it.  In fact my most recent use of it seems to have cured my asthma and chronic hives.  I have always used Sovereign Silver brand - but recently tried another brand and my asthma returned.  So I do believe the brands make a difference. 

While I used other supplements during my healing, I believe that if anyone with ongoing bad TSW would try the following, I believe they have a decent chance of getting some relief during their flares.  So many people have already found relief with supplements for their genetic mutations - but I'm a realist and know that the testing and seeing a naturopath are super expensive and we have all tried so many products. 

1.  Moisturizer withdrawal - this is painful the first week - I know because I went through it - but the benefits are worth it.  Try one area at a time if needed.  But keeping the skin clogged with products (natural or not) does not give it a chance to heal and breathe.
2.  Glutathione - research this first.  It should not be taken for longer than a month without a break (1- 2 weeks) so your body does not become dependent on it and stop producing its own.  I took 1000 mg twice a day for my recent flare and that seemed enough.  Make sure to research safe doses.
3.  Sovereign Silver - again research this before trying.  I found taking half a mouthful 4-5 times a day for a month was super beneficial. 
4.  MSM powder - I started at 3 grams a day and worked up to the max of 20 grams a day divided into 2 or 3 doses to stop the oozing during my initial flares.  Did not ooze with this recent flare so have not taken it in last 3 years. 

These products were easily found on Amazon for decent prices.  The most expensive was the silver, but since it has fixed my asthma, I find it well worth it.  I know we should not be giving out advice for TSW as so many have tried so many things only to be disappointed.  However I have done so much extensive research on TSW and these products.  I feel as if we have  a way to at least get a little bit of a break from the more painful symptoms by aiding the body in what it is missing. 

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