Saturday, June 2, 2018

Best update EVER!

It's been awhile.... I've been busy working and getting our homestead established.  I've had the hives way less...maybe once a week at the most but still was having itching after every meal no matter what. My asthma is still just about non existent... used my inhaler a few times a month of that. The itching with every meal was really getting to me.  I tried the GAPS diet and eating paleo and all organic. I even did that 3 day fast.  But the itching was relentless.  I tried at least 6 different probiotics knowing all these issues were related to poor gut function. We won't even discuss the supplements I've tried.  Some would help for a bit and then seem to stop helping. My seasonal allergies were also out of control.  And the worse thing has been the ongoing almost crippling fatigue. 

I just want to add that I am completely free from TSW and have been for a few years. But the after issues were still bothersome on a daily basis.  I am however very grateful to be free of the pain and the ooze and the constant shedding of skin. I am so thankful to have my life back.  But I'm still not anywhere near where I want to be health wise and getting healthy kept eluding me.  I knew there was something more than my genetic mutations that were holding me back.  And I believe I found MY answer. This is what has helped me in as little as one month. I waited a month to write this as I wanted to make sure the changes were sticking and I have done nothing but get better. 

I now no longer itch after meals including dairy. I had tacos tonight and no itching. I'm about to have ice cream with no fear of itching. I still have some dry patches on my arms but they are almost gone. I have more energy than I've had in over 10 years.  My seasonal allergies are completely gone. We see pollen flying through the air and I have not had an allergy attack in 3 weeks. No more benadryl or claritin.  And I'm finally starting to lose weight without even trying. 

I'm clearing my body of heavy metals using TRS.  It helps rid the body of heavy metals safely so the body can actually function properly. A lot of heavy metals destroy the gut function and having the genetic mutations, my body cannot rid itself of these toxins. I couldn't figure out why I was getting worse since the new year... then it hit me... new house, new car and required to get the flu shot for my new job in January. My body just couldn't handle it all.  But after 4 weeks... I'm already transformed. I'm already working outside for HOURS not minutes. It's been my own personal miracle.   Now here is the catch... some with TSW who were no longer flaring would flare with this product. I personally believe it was due to the body just reacting to getting rid of all the extra yeast and viruses the toxins were attached to in the body.  I did not flare at all but did have headaches and foot pain.  But those have passed. I will continue this for the full 6 months and then take it on a maintenance basis. Even my kids are seeing changes.  My 2 daughters who both had hand eczema for years now have completely clear hands... and no their hands have not cleared up during the last few summers.

So here are some pictures:

My arm today

My neck a few days ago

My other arm today

My neck 4 months ago

My left arm 4 months ago


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