Sunday, May 26, 2013

Pictures and Nutrition

Nutrition is a topic of debate among those in topical steroid withdrawal.  Many of us tend to relate flares to specific foods we are eating.  This may or may not be fact - it may be coincidental.  However, the biggest contention about nutrition is whether or not a specific diet will help one heal faster.  I belonged to the Google support group for those going through topical steroid withdrawal.  I found it very helpful - that is until I joined the debate about nutrition among multiple members.  I remained respectful and only added that as someone who has studied anatomy, physiology, nutrition, and organic chemistry in college, I know that science shows the body's cells need certain proteins and nutrients to heal and make new cells.  This is proven science.  It then seems logical that if you supply your body with as many healthy nutrient dense foods as possible, your body has the means then to heal faster.  Of course this is not as simple as it sounds.  Healing and producing new cells is not just based on the supply of needed nutrients.  There are many more factors involved - including whether your body has the energy to devote to healing - sometimes our bodies need to devote energy to other means.  But my view is, if one eats the healthiest foods available, one stands a slightly better chance of healing in a slightly shorter period of time.  Dr. Rapaport states that no matter what your diet is, you will still heal.  And I agree with this.  But personally I would rather give my body the proper tools and means it needs to heal as quickly as possible.

Nutrition is in of itself a hot topic of debate - which diet is best is discussed daily by many people and experts.  Personally, I go with the all natural approach.  What God gave us to eat is what is best.  Anything genetically altered, processed, or denatured is out.  God gave us many foods to enjoy!  Even if you do not believe in God, you can still go to what people ate before machinery and refrigeration began.  We follow the Weston A Price Foundation way of eating.  "Nourishing Traditions" by Sally Fallon is my cookbook of choice.  This is not easy to follow given our fast food generation we were raised in.  But it can be done if steps are taken over time/.  Trying to change everything over night would be possible, but extremely stressful.  We started off first by cutting out processed foods and finding a farm that sold raw milk.  Yes, we drink raw milk - we have for the past 3 years.  It is high in nutrients and so very good for your body!  We have bought raw milk from 4 different farms in 3 different states over the past 3 years and have never once gotten sick from it.  We make raw butter and homemade yogurt from our raw milk.  YUM!

Anyway, this is my viewpoint and the choice our family made for overall health.  We are not perfect - when I went back to work, it became very difficult to eat 100% naturally.  We still eat out and eat processed foods - however the goal  is to get to 100% as much as possible.  We often follow the Maker's Diet to jump start a new start to eating as healthy as possible.  We are due to do this soon given we have fallen far from the bandwagon.  Given what I am now facing with this withdrawal, I want to give my body as much as possible to heal.  However starting the diet and sticking to it 100% will be very hard for me, even though I am only working part time.  It requires diligence and meal planning....and of course energy.  Not sure if I will be able to accomplish this given how exhausted I am on a daily basis.  But I have to try.  Will be keeping this blog up to date on that venture soon.  I have a road trip coming up soon, and staying on the diet is near impossible on the road given the processed food restaurants serve.

If you have any thoughts on nutrition, please share.  :)

And here are the pictures:

This is at the 4 week mark

This at week 10

And at week 14

Left arm at week 4

Left arm at week10

Back of arm at week 10
Left arm week 14

Back of left arm week 14

R wrist week 4

R wrist week14

Neck week 10

Neck week 14

Face week 10

Face week 14

It is hard to see some of the differences - but to me my arms and chest are worse now at week 14 than other weeks, but my face was worse at week 10.   I used the same camera and similar lighting.  The redness is not as prominent in the pictures as it is in the mirror.  And swelling is hard to gauge from pictures.  But here they are.  As nasty and gross as they are.  

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