Wednesday, May 7, 2014

The 24 hour flare???

Sounds just like the 24 hour bug or flu!  But seriously from yesterday afternoon until this morning I was intensely itchy on my neck and any scratching made my skin raw and painful.  This is the first pain I have had in many many months!  I don't know if this is a big flare coming on or just one of my typical mini-flares that last a few hours or a few days and go away.  Either way, I am watching it closely!  I think it was the first time in nearly 5 or 6 months I used an ice pack on my neck.  I still went to the farm to get our raw milk and I still went to the hardware store to get the power strips as we had a storm and blew our 2 surge protectors (yes, they are definitely worth their weight in gold!!). I still helped the kids with their school work, and took care of the dogs, and cooked meals and did all the typical run of the mill things I do.  So by no means was it horrendously painful or agonizing.  On a scale of 0-10 for pain, the pain last night was a 4 and this morning a 2.  By noon I had no more pain and have not had any since.  My neck feels raw when I touch it, but its not red or swollen or oozing.  It's just sensitive and dry with scratch marks.  No deep sores or cuts.  I was able to sleep all night without waking once.  And for the most part it seemed like a typical mini-flare for me, except for the rawness and pain. 

Do I think it's a dreaded flare coming on?   Honestly, not at all.  But I could be wrong, so I will keep posting about it until I know for sure.  However last week I significantly decreased my active B's due to what I thought were over-methylation symptoms.  I also cut out my MSM powder completely.  But after a bigger than normal mini flare a few days ago, I added in the powder again and increased my active B's by a little.  It is a balancing act with methylation.  Too much is as bad as too little.  So I increased again this morning.  I have an appointment with my ND next week to try to get this figured out - try to see what increments I should be increasing or decreasing by. 

Otherwise right this minute I feel normal.  I've had a lot more energy - wondering if it's from stopping any over methylation.  It is now after 11 pm and I have yet to flare any further anywhere today - no mini-flares or severe itching.  I will keep posting updates either positive or negative.  I know the majority believe that TSW flares cannot me correlated to anything - they are a thing of their own.  But after the success I have had with the gene mutation therapy and based on many other people's testimonies, I believe there is a direct correlation here.  At least for me - and this painful mini-flare that occurred the exact same week I reduced my supplements (by a lot) is no coincidence. 

So far people have related worsening symptoms (not a cause of a flare) to alcohol consumption, hormones, eating foods high in refined sugars and carbs, and of course stress.  My supplements have not prevented flares - but they have reduced them SIGNIFICANTLY so that my flares are mini in nature compared to how it used to be before treatment.  That's why I call them mini-flares.  My symptoms are reduced by over 80-90% or completely gone during the flares.   My life continues onward. 

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