Monday, May 12, 2014

Time to Re-Boot!

I find myself in a stagnant phase - things are really good mind you, but I still have a long ways to go to get my overall health back.  TSW and the gene mutation have not just affected my skin - my entire body has been drastically and negatively affected.  I can feel certain parts here and there getting better.  Sometimes though our bodies need a boost or a re-booting to kick things into a better state of healing.  And I feel that I need to do a complete overhaul on my body!  I am not doing any radical thing like water fasting (there is no way my body is ready for that drastic of a cleanse).  Nor do I plan to try any snake oil (haha).  Instead I just need to get a grip on a few things keeping me stagnant.

#1 I need to stop any and all processed foods!  EVERY SINGLE BIT!  I did this once about 5 years ago and it really did wonders for my then declining health.  Because we have been eating clean about 70-80% of the time, this will not give me the same boost it did 5 years ago, but it will help a lot!

#2 Get my butt moving!  I have been slacking on the exercise for no reason other than I have been busy with so many things!  I also get tired 1 week of each month around my monthly.  It has depressed me each and every month.  I know my hormones still have a lot of healing to do, but seriously I can't move for that entire week.  That then leads me to do a whole bunch of stuff the next few weeks and by the 3rd week I start throwing in some exercise but then my monthly comes around again.  BAD cycle the past 2 months.  I was exercising up to 3-4 times per week then I dropped down to 1-2 times a week and now its a few times every other week or so. I need to make it a habit like eating!  :)

#3 Get my supplements fine tuned.  I will be seeing my ND in 2 days and I plan on consulting with a holistic practitioner that had previously done me a world of good.  Between these 2 consults I hope to fine tune things so that I don't have any over or under methylation issues any further.

#4 Get more fresh air!  I had been a hermit for most of last year!  It is time to get outdoors each and every day!  I was up at 6 am and worked on my garden this morning (before the bugs came out!).  There is much to be said about getting on one's hands and knees and playing in the dirt!

#5 The biggest one of all:  Get closer to God.  I miss my daily quiet time with the Lord.  When I was in the bad parts of TSW I couldn't process anything I read, including my Bible.  I sent up the flare prayers but did not have in depth prayer time - and now that I have become so much better - I have been thanking God but still not spending time with Him like I should  And that needs to change!

So off I go on my re-booting.  I have no specific start date - I will be making another road trip this week or next so I will be making up meal plans and going over a few things with the family first.  I'll post some updates along the way!

As for my skin - stagnant.  Dry on my hands wrists and ankles and my neck is still healing from the 2 day flare.  It started healing rapidly that one day then it just stopped. No other flares, just dry irritated and sometimes itchy skin in a few areas.  My hands look and feel good, but are dry and cracked in a few places.  Ankles still have those never-healing sores to contend with.  They had started to heal a few months back but then stopped and now they remain the better but thankfully no worse.  A few sores on my forearms remain but don't bother me.  I also have a dry patch return on my chin.  Other than that my skin is nice and smooth and clear.

Went to the acupuncturist today - went well - didn't itch all the rest of the day.  But then again I really don't itch much at all these days.  On a scale from 0-10 with 10 being the worst itching ever, I stay at around a 2.  Some days like today are a 1 while on occasion I have a day with a 3 or 4.   But I can't complain because the itching never keeps me from sleeping at all.  I don't wake up in the mornings itchy at all.  I have a few times throughout the day when I feel the need to scratch here and there. I have not had any bone deep itching in I don't know how long!  It feels awesome to be at this point - all I have to do is go back in my blog to remind me how bad things were.  So no complaints whatsoever - just giving an update!  :)

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