Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A little better and Responses to comments...

First off, today is a much better day - amazing how this TSW changes overnight.  The first 5 months of TSW it seemed my changes would take days.  I also had flares in differing stages, but overall my first 5 months was one big flare.  Month 6 has seen a change.  First I had those 2 glorious weeks of only ever so slight flaring in a few areas and a huge increase in energy.  Then round 2 of flaring started.  The past week and a half have been trying for me.  The swelling, oozing, pain all came back ALL over at once.  It was difficult and exhausting on me.  I woke up this morning with little pain, little swelling, less redness, and a super itchy body.  But it wasn't the bad itch that makes your skin shred off.  Instead it was a flaky day - SUPER flaky day.  I never had my whole body shed like this all at once before - again my body would go through the various stages of a flare differently in different parts of my body the first 5 months.  It is as if my skin is strong all over today and only the top flakes are scratching off (except for the scabbed areas which unfortunately are plentiful today).  I am so happy to have that oozing stop.  It was just so much this past week!!

OK, I have been negligent in responding to comments.  Initially I was so busy trying to get things done during my break.  Then when my flare started back up, I was super exhausted.  Today is a good catch up day.  I am getting the kids schooling organized (in a major way) as I homeschool, and I am getting other things in life organized as well today.  Tomorrow will be an errand day.  So as for those lovely comments:

Lisa - Hey girl!!!  Sorry to hear you are flaring as well!  I miss you too!  I hope you will find relief not fun this TSW thing!  It will NOT break us - it will make us stronger!!! :)

Geanna - thanks for the tip about the adrenals and thyroid.  I have had a big increase in energy levels while taking an adrenal supplement, but with all the vitamins and supplements I have been taking, I totally forgot about my thyroid supplement!  I put 3-4 drops of Sea-Adine into a glass of water.  Started yesterday and woke up today much better.  I doubt a correlation, but one never knows!  Definitely a big increase in energy today.  So thanks again!  Much appreciated!

Oregene92 - thank you for your kind words!  I know we will look back on this and breathe a big sigh of relief that it is over.  Doing better with mentally dealing with all this, but it still knocks me down flat on some days!  Oy!

Miss Kitty - it is always so wonderful to hear from you!!!  You are an inspiration to us all!!  Your amazing humor and personality keep us smiling!!  :)

Chantal - Oh dear!  I hope you do not feel alone being in hermit mode - did not want to give the impression that I go out and do so much for the entire length of my TSW.  I only had those 2 weeks of grand skin and high energy when I was able to go out on a near daily basis.  For a few months before that I was only going out for groceries.  It was VERY difficult and often painful, but with my husband working 60 hours a week, I had to start doing it.  The first 3-4 months I didn't even go out for groceries unless I was having a decent day which only came 3-4 days per month.  My husband did all errands and about 80% of the grocery shopping during those months on top of working overtime.  (poor hubby).  The one thing I did do was a speech and a day of video taping for an NRA video of me and my family....that was around month 2 and I thought I was going to die.

That's all I have time for now - have things to get done before dinner.  Hope all is well!!!  :)

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