Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Still got the blues....

Unfortunately I have not gotten out of my funk yet.  The flare is still raging and is making me one miserable person!  I can barely get myself to read the news, read a book, or read other people's blogs.  I actually don't feel depressed - I just feel a severe lack of energy and zeal for life right now.  It's just not there folks.  I think this has been my worst flaring yet - nearly head to toe.  The only place not affected is my scalp.  The rash and scaly skin has spread to most of my fingers and it is making its way slowly to my toes.  I never had eczema on my toes - only once or twice did I have it on my ankles and top of my feet.  Oh well, such is TSW!  I can't win in the moisturizing area either.  If I put Vaseline on, my skin feels good for up to 2 hours (sometimes only 45 minutes) and then I get the most intense burning itch!  I have been using the emu oil but only in small amounts as I get intensely itchy immediately after putting it on and then it burns for awhile.  Not comfortable at all.  My hands are chewed up from scratching but the redness is down a lot since using the emu oil on them daily.  I have also used it on my neck and chest.  Making that area less irritable for me.  My face has been swollen and oozing every day since last week.  I can barely open my eyes in the morning.  My legs are red completely above the knees and splotchy below the knees, but the redness is definitely spreading and coming together.  My red pants should be complete in a week or two!  My arms remain red and super itchy and scaly but thankfully not swollen or oozing.  My right leg oozes a lot more than the left leg.  It just gets wet wet wet!  Yuck!!  My back is a mess - won't even go there.

Otherwise life is going along.  Trying to get my husband's work tops done, but the energy is just gone.  I have tried reading a few books but cannot get past the first few paragraphs.  I am still writing though here and there when the mood strikes.  I basically sit around most days.  Had to force myself to go to the store a few days ago and that was hard.  My hair seems to have thinned again - I haven't noticed any major hair loss but it definitely didn't look right going out the other day.

As for diet and exercise.....exercise has been a no go the last 3 days....not one iota of energy.  I have not been juicing but have been eating really well and taking all my vitamins and supplements - the same ones that gave me energy a few months ago.  Now it's as if I'm not taking anything.  Either my body is using all those nutrients for healing and has none to spear for daily energy or they just never worked in the first place.  I really don't believe that - I truly feel a difference if I don't take them so I know they are doing something for my energy levels.  I just wish I had some left over energy to get some things done around here.  I have also been sleeping a lot since last week's horrific raging flare.  I literally sleep 8-10 every night and an additional 2-3 hours during the day in 1-2 naps.  Insane!  But I have noticed my deep cuts to heal better and faster when I do nap.

Well here are some pics from today - some of the redness is whited out from the sun coming through the window, but my hands are not as red as they have been.  My face is really really red and swollen and my legs are too.

Face horribly bad tight now - cracks on my eyelids - lovely!

Neck and chest are actually more red than this picture shows....very itchy and excoriated.

Right lower leg - oozing from all the scratches.  Much redder than this picture shows.  Again - poor lighting in pics today.  

Right foot - open sores on ankles and top of foot.  No redness there yet.  But it's spreading in that direction!

Left wrist - pink and very scaly.  No matter what the rest of my body is doing, the wrists are always like this!

Right wrist - same as left.  

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  1. Hi tracy
    Missed you.
    Sorry to hear your flaring badly.
    Mee too if it makes you feel better