Friday, February 21, 2014

Adventure across the country!

Last week Thursday hubby and I were sitting on the couch talking about all sorts of of them being the puppy that we had yet to receive for one reason or another.  I made a funny comment saying how I should  just drive out to Nebraska from NY to get her (about 1800 miles).  Then I thought more about it...I'm out of work, haven't seen my brother in almost 10 years and my uncle and cousins in 6 years, and I have all sorts of energy!  My brother and cousins all live in Denver about 3 hours away from the puppy. So I sent a text to my brother asking him what he was doing for the weekend.  Not much he the adventure began!  I told him I was thinking of coming out  that way for a short visit.  He was so excited!   He then sent out FB notices to the cousins....yep they could all make it for Sunday dinner!  So I told the kids to pack a bag and we left Friday morning.  Hubby stayed behind because he had to work. :(  But boy did we have an awesome road trip!!!

We drove from NY to the middle of Illinois the first day....encountered a bit of snow but nothing major.   Second day we drove across Iowa and Nebraska and stayed overnight in Ogallala.  The next morning we still had a 2 hour drive to the breeder's home.  We got our new puppy and  proceeded to drive to Denver.  It was a great trip! We then had dinner at my brother's house....17 of us in all I think. What a blast!  Next day we hung out, went to a park and then Dave & Buster's for dinner. And Tuesday we were off to head home. Stopped along the way to visit  my grandfather and aunt. We made it home a few hours everything unpacked and settled in for the night.

Overall it was a ton of fun and great for clearing my mind!  I love road trips!  I had a hard time here and there driving because my hands would swell.  Right now my hands are in a state of status quo....not better, but not worse. My face cleared all up this week as well as my neck and chest.   Have residual sores on my forearms and my  lower legs/ankles remain status quo like my hands.  I am really hoping my hands clear up soon so I can return to work.  But until then I will focus on puppy training and cleaning my house!

By the way....interesting results so far on my poll....I re-opened the poll for another month so more people can chime in if they try the supplements or  get tested.

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