Monday, February 3, 2014

Nothing New...

My hands look almost identical to the previous pictures....was going to take more pictures today as my hands FELT slightly better....still painful but definitely reduced by at least 20%.  Still having a hard time holding things like a cup of coffee, but overall I think things are now going uphill.  But pictures would do nothing except look identical to the ones I recently posted.  Hubby is still working for me....may have to take more time off if this is not clearing up by the end of the week. My kids are doing nearly everything for me at home...probably should give them a bonus on next week's allowance! :)

As for other things in life...puppy is still not here....we are getting her from Nebraska and apparently they are having a shortage of pilots there so many of the early flights have been cancelled all last week.  Supposedly she is coming in can't wait!  I on the other hand am somewhat thankful the flights have been delayed because of how bad my hands have been...can't even pet our dog we have here at home.  Poor thing keeps begging me to play with him but I can't.  He gets plenty of attention from the kids ALL day but he is a very needy dog!  Hopefully my hands feel better by tomorrow at least to the point I can take care of the puppy....the kids can help but the overnight potty trips will be left to me given I am not working right now and the kids sleep through everything!

Yesterday I went back to see the faith healer....the same one I saw the week before my huge healing occurred from the gene mutation therapy.  I am a Christian and I believe God continues to heal in this day and age.  I have personally witnessed miracles working as a nurse and have had many prayers answered that just didn't seem possible.  I never expected my skin to just miraculously heal right then and there in front of the faith healer.  I believe God puts things into place so that others can be healed as well through knowledge.  I don't know what God has in store this time, but I know it will be good!  As I was leaving the faith healer yesterday I was having  doubts that any further healing would hands actually had significantly more pain at that moment and I was wondering how I was going to be able to drive home.  The faith healer stopped me at that moment and told me that I need not worry, that God WILL heal my hands and skin.  Of course he did not give me a time frame, but just hearing that during my moment of doubt was all I needed to get me home!

Just going to try to get through the day today...have some paperwork to do for work...planning our next job....hopefully we will get something close to our property in Kentucky!!!


  1. I think you're amazing. I hope you find some relief for your hands : )

  2. Hi Tracy,

    I posted on my dss thread yesterday some thoughts on this to you. Not sure if you've seen it so just wanted to let you know. It's at the very bottom of the thread. To sum up the comments I had made, I have learned from months of experimenting that after showering or bathing, to go as long as possible at keeping your hands free of water. I feel this is the only and best way to get things back on track if the skin isn't too broken. If still quite broken I would soak in plain, water, Epson salts, oats, dss, or maybe a few drops of tea tree oil for it's antiseptic qualities, ACV for it's PH balance benefits, or whatever one chooses. The key I think is to allow the skin to stay water and moisturizer free after dong a bath as the oils do begin to come back immediately afterwards. We just don't see it with our naked eyes. But, it helps explain why the skin begins to feel better after a day or so. Just is a theory of mine based on my experiments with myself but should be useful info.

    Also, I wouldn't be afraid to give tea tree oil another try since you are not moisturizing the hands now. I've had some setbacks lately due to scratching too hard in my sleep every time my hands are scabbed over and about to heal, I begin to itch like mad in my sleep. And if I scratch the scabs off too soon I have to basically start over and do another bath, allow the skin to dry and recover again until it is almost completely healed until the next time I succumb to the itch again. My goal at this point is to not succumb to that intense itch that always happens when our skin is "finalizing" it's healing. Anyway, usually several hours after a bathe I will apply water diluted teat tree oil on any spots that hurt a few times a day until they heal. Works really well for me. I also commonly will slather my hands in alcohol & fragrance free witch hazel, slap the gloves on. That helps dry and scab over any broad areas of the skin that ooze within hours, whether it be one large solid area, or multiple tiny spots in the area. I hope this info helps and also hope your hands are getting better! No need for a response as I know you are very busy.

    1. Thanks Dan! Been off the internet for past few post will explain. Thanks for the tips....not sure what is going on right now other than just trying to hang on. :)

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