Saturday, July 23, 2016

Monday is the BIG day!

In 2 days I have my follow up appointment with my new doctor. My last test results came in over a week ago and it is time to hear what his plan for me is.  My results were posted on the patient portal and let's just say I have MAJOR deficiencies. Lots of vitamin deficiencies along with some proteins and glutathione. Here's the thing that gets me though.  During my first appointment he asked me if I had received vitamin C injections along with the glutathione injections. I was like NO.  He asked if my ND had recommended high doses of oral vitamin C and again my answer was no.  So he proceeded to tell me that glutathione needs vitamin C in order to work well in the body.  Hmmmmm.....could be why there were times when the glutathione didn't seem to be working. So along with a severe lack of glutathione, my body is also deficient in vitamin in the red zone. So while waiting for my appointment I decided to start liposomal vitamin C and glutathione orally.  It has only been 5 days but for the last 4 days straight, I have been extremely tired....taking 3 to 4 hour long naps!  Talk about healing!  I've also seen  my skin on my arms go from dry and slightly itchy to super soft and almost all dry spots are gone. I also had a small patch of eczema on my right ear and that is all gone.

So to say I'm excited about Monday is an understatement. Here I've only tried a few things on my own based on my lab results and already seeing big changes.  Right now I'm typing from my phone. Next week when I get onto my home computer I will copy and paste my results here so you can see how in depth the testing was. And I will also post how my appointment goes.  I've been working full time hours and even some over time the last month.  And yet I've managed to keep up with things at home, take my kids blackberry picking, and go for bike rides. Still cooking a lot and making my own bone broth.  Basically I'm moving full steam ahead!

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