Monday, July 25, 2016

My BIG Doctor Appointment!

I just got off the phone with my new doctor - he is 4 hours away and I made the trip last month for my first visit.  He spent over 2.5 hours with me on that visit.  I had comprehensive lab tests done which were to the tune of $550, but they were the high priority tests.  He said testing my adrenals were not important given I am over 3 years steroid free.  He said if I still have fatigue later on after addressing all my other issues, then he'd recommend adrenal testing.  This visit was by phone and lasted just shy of 2 hours.  He went in depth on all my results and how to address them.  My biggest issues right now are severe allergies and low glutathione levels due to my methylation cycle being off balance (from multiple mutations).

First, my IgE total level was greater than 2000 - he said this was one of the highest levels he has come across.  And most of it was probably NOT due to food allergies as my food allergies registered low.  So he asked about mold since I have some severe allergies to mold.  Well, the house we are in now has very little mold, but the last house we lived in for 3 years was very toxic with mold and that is when I started seeing my food allergies and asthma rear their ugly heads.  So now he is going to send me for some blood work that will see if I have mold in my body.  He said if that is positive, then most of my problems may be from the mold and we can address that and hopefully lower the histamine levels in my body.

Next, my low glutathione levels are causing me to not heal properly and might be contributing to the asthma and eczema.  But he actually doesn't recommend supplementing with glutathione initially.  He said I need to take other things to help boost my own glutathione production instead and if that doesn't work, then we can consider glutathione supplements or injections.

The end result is I need quite a few supplements - all of which are pretty crucial to my multiple mutations and deficiencies.  He also said I should maintain my paleo eating as my body metabolizes best with proteins.  So, I know at least I've been doing something right these last few years maintaining a low carb diet.  He also said leaky gut does not seem to be a big issue for me - so maybe all my leaky gut things I've been doing have helped, but my mutations and deficiencies have just stood in the way of healing (on top of a potential mold issue).

There were many minor issues we discussed, but for the most part, I feel like he has a really good handle on what is happening in my body.  I am excited to get my report from him this evening and to start the supplements he recommends.  He is going to have me start what is called B minus - which is all the B vitamins minus B12 and folate.  He said after a few weeks on that, then I should start B12 (active form) and a few weeks later active folate.  So, he's not just starting me on a bunch of stuff and leaving it at that.  He seems to take a very careful and thought out approach based on what he is seeing on my lab results and also what my symptoms are.  Even though his fees are a bit pricey, I can now see that his fees are worth every cent.  Obviously time will tell more, but just his careful approach and well thought out plan is making me feel confident that my asthma, eczema, and other issues like fatigue will clear up soon.

And now I am going to paste my results here from the blood work I had.  This will show you all exactly what was tested and what $550 got me.

Please leave me a message if you have any questions.


  1. Do you mind me asking what blood work your doctor is doing to determine if you have mold in your body? Just curious because I just moved from a house that had a lot of mold (that I lived in for almost two years) that I feel was a major factor in why my skin flared and caused me to use TS in the first place (currently in TSW at new house). Also, did he say what he would do to address it if you do have mold? Thanks so much for your time!

    1. Thank you for the question! I will post my response in my next blog post I am writing up now. I think it will help many others to know this.

    2. I agree! Thanks again for your time and I'm looking forward to your next blog post! :)