Friday, July 1, 2016

Nothing but good news....

The last few days have been very busy as I had to work a few 12 hour shifts and we were pretty busy.  I was pretty tired at work and figured with taking my new supplements that maybe I was entering a healing stage.  All I know is something is working!  I typically am very tired after working 2 long shifts in a row.  But I got up early and have been on the go all day getting errands done and even mowing the lawn. It's not even dinner time and I feel like I could go exercise, make dinner and get a few more things done!  I feel like someone gave me an injection of pure energy!  And my mind is extremely clear not slightly foggy like normal.  I was able to multi task today when paying the bills...I was able to get insurance forms filled out and send multiple emails without having to stop and think.  That may seem minor to some people but I think many of you can relate. We've lived with brain fog for so long we forget what its like to think clearly and to do so for an entire day.  To top it off, I accidentally ate chocolate yesterday at work.  Was in a rush and grabbed something without realizing it had chocolate on it.  I was waiting for the hives....those pesky itchy bastards.  But lo and behold,  no hives!  And to add to all the good news, asthma is almost negligent, and I've noticed barely any itching at all even though I've snuck in dairy and gluten here and there.

Not sure exactly what's working but it's obviously more than just my diet changes as I changed my diet about 5 weeks ago and while I saw progress, I came to a standstill.  So I have to think it's the few supplements I started taking. But time will tell more.  Until next week or thereabouts, happy healing, and have a GREAT 4th of JULY to my American readers!

Ohhh, one more thing....I have been sweating for over a year now with no skin irritation, but today while mowing, the sweat was really pouring off of me....gross, but so wonderful.  My face was slightly red when I went in to take a shower but my neck which would have been red about 1 to 2 years ago was clear and not a hint of redness!  So awesome to see my body work normally!


  1. This is great news Tracey. I'm so pleased that you seem to be on the way to 100% healing.
    What supplements did you decide to take. I also have the CBS mutation and was wondering to go with the B6 that the report recommended. Thanks

    1. Hi Amanda,
      I had so many recommendations hence why I saw a specialist. But I started taking only the L-5-MTHF, DIM, NAC, Sam-E, and Phospahtidylcholine. I will be adding in the fish oil this week and then wait for the recommendation from my new doctor.

    2. Thanks Tracy. Keep us posted.