Tuesday, June 28, 2016

11 vials of blood later....

Yesterday was my new doctor visit.  It was a 4 hour drive in thunderstorms and made for a long day.  BUT, all I can say is WOW!  He spent 2 hours talking and reviewing so much information. He had read my 4 page history prior to the visit so most of that discussion was just clarifying things and adding in anything I forgot. He explained everything to me clearly.  I had a lot of blood drawn for food allergy testing, methylation testing, and vitamin/nutritional testing. He was extremely thorough and said there was not much to recommend at this point until we had all the test results.  He said he was able to guess what I needed and why I had problems taking my active B's.  But he said that he needed more information from the blood tests to determine how to proceed and to be more positive on which gene mutations were expressing themselves.  He said I should stay on the leaky gut diet and those supplements related to my gut.

The thing I liked most about this doctor besides being extremely thorough was that he offered no promises nor did he say with 100% certainty he could cure me.  He did offer reassurance that I was right in that there was something else besides MTHFR I needed to address.  He also was not focused on just one thing (gene mutations).  Instead he focused on multiple areas of concern like nutrition and allergies. He also talked to me at my level knowing I'm a nurse.  That alone was a breath of fresh air.  He explained things at a higher level and did not oversimplify  anything.  It made the whole appointment more comfortable and basically easier to get through for both of us.

One thing he said he may end up recommending is a week long course of IV vitamin C, glutathione and choline.  He said because my hubby and I were both nurses he said he would feel comfortable allowing us to do these infusions at home. That would save significant money and drive time!

So overall I am VERY pleased with the appointment and this doctor. He said we will do phone consults from here on out.  My results will be in on some things in 7 to 10 days and 3 weeks for the nutritional panel.  I will of course keep all of my readers updated on the results!  For the next few weeks I have decided to add a few supplements in to see if they will help or not.  I am doing this on my own accord and not on the doctor's  advice.  I'm only doing this because I had already ordered them based on what I thought I needed.  Some of the things the doctor said in our visit confirmed that I probably need these supplements.  I really need to start working full time so I'm doing this so I can measure my reactions while still  only working part time.

Until next time.....happy healing to all!

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