Friday, January 10, 2014

Doing REALLY Good!

I had another micro-flare...when the itching increased and the ooze started coming out in a few places, I thought "Oh no, here we go again".  But happy to report it lasted all of 24 hours and yesterday and today there is no flaring.  The flare occurred in the same problem new areas! And the flaring only affected about 25-50%  of the problem areas compared to the last mini-flare I had a few weeks back in December.  The back of  my hands are seeing small improvements daily even through the micro-flare.  My chin had a very small red area with no ooze at all. My left ear had small amount of oozing and swelling but is now healing.  My neck only flared on the left side....the small patch in front is nearly all healed....a few more days and it should be clear.  My arms only have a few areas of broken skin this time and are already nearly healed over.  My legs flared only at the ankles...the other scabs are healing. My low back and belly button area had a few sores that oozed but it was almost is healing now.

Overall I am feeling really good! I still would love more energy, but even that is coming back a little every day.  I am not as tired at work and my days off I am able to do more and think more.  I am still taking it easy on my days off, but still exercising a few times a week and trying to do a few more things each day.  I just don't want to overdue it.  I felt I went back to work a little too soon....needed more rest for my body to heal. So I am finding my energy levels improving nicely when I force myself to rest instead of pushing myself to the limit each day. For me it is finding the right balance. I know a few people who became ill and then were too afraid to do anything when they got well. They became lazy out of fear.  I don't want that to be me so I end up doing the opposite and pushing myself.  But that backfires on me from time to time so now I have learned to find a healthy balance and right now with TSW, I really need to find a balance.  :)

I  think I am going to put my surprise trip on hold....I no longer feel the need to go to the ocean for further healing.  The tanning is working really well.  We are in the process of building our home on our 68 acres and it is going to be a very busy next few months.  I think we could use the money more wisely for that right now. It would be wonderful to take a vacation with hubby, but it would be so much easier after we move!

Well that's all for now...going to try out my new food dehydrator for making yogurt!  So happy to have  the energy to do it!  :)


  1. Yay! Sounds like you are doing well. I was going to call, but I am feeling better and the nesting bug bit hard the past two days! Oh. My. Ha, ha! I'll talk to you soon.

    love you,

  2. Thats awesome tracy.
    Im so happy ur heaing very well.

  3. Great news Tracy.

    Closer to healing every day.