Monday, January 20, 2014

Slow typing & ND visit...

I am very slow to type today and the next few I will keep this short and will have to answer questions in a few days, along with responding to all the new blog posts out many good ones recently too!

You see I have my hands wrapped in socks so typing is very difficult at the moment.  My hands have been bad for months due to going back to work.  Every other part of my body has been up and down with the micro flares but the hands are just not catching a break.  So off I went to my  ND....great guy!  He gave me a script for keflex, but holding off on starting that at the moment since antibiotics do a number on my gut.  He and I both agreed I have a secondary infection going on with my hands.  So he gave me Bactroban ointment along with an herbal anti-microbial/anti-fungal.  It has goldenseal and a few Chinese herbs in it.  I open a few of those capsules and mix with the Bactroban and form a weird smelling paste.  I then apply to my hands and put socks on. I've done it only at night the last 2 nights and so far so good.  Worked this weekend so hands are up and down....overall I'd say they are better, but going to do this for a week and see what happens. If they don't start getting a lot better then I will take the keflex.  On my days off I will re-apply in the mornings and keep socks on all day.  Hence why typing is hard...socks really keep me from doing a lot of things easily!!!

So off I go doing not much today! :p


  1. I wish you could take a month or so off work so you can heal those hands! I know for many not working and having an income is not a choice though. I've had to work through this but could have never made it with your job. You definitely are a strong woman! Wishing you the best and speedy healing!

  2. Hi Dan....thank you for your kind words!! I was fortunate to have 8 - 9 months off for my beginning months of this. I could not have made it through without my husband working so much over time. If we weren't building a house on our 68 acres in KY, trust me, I would be taking that month off! I could wait another year or so, but my husband is getting antsy to move and I couldn't ask him to wait longer....we were supposed to have moved last year. So I plunge full force ahead because I want to make this happen for him and our family. If I absolutely had to, I would and he would without question, go back to working over time and staying where we are. Right now I unwrapped my hands and giving them some air. They are quite itchy and oozing but actually look better. Hoping this works for them so I can keep working! :) Hope you are well!