Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New pictures of supplements...

Today I updated my TSW study page with new pictures of the supplements I am now taking.  You have to scroll towards the bottom of the page to get the update.  A few things have changed due to my never ending research.  But for now this is where I am at:

I was supposed to work today....not happening!  Hubby and I changed shifts so I will still work full time this week and not lose hours, but seriously there is no way I was able to work today and it had very little to do with my hands!  I ended up getting my period last hour before I had mad crazy itching. It happened to correspond with eating so initially I thought that was the culprit.  But unfortunately I had a series of itch attacks all night probably from my hormones - happens every single month! My itching starts intensifying during the PMS period, then when the period begins, I get insane itching for a day or 2, then I get a very calm period lasting quite a few days.

I'm not sure if I should classify this as a flare given there is no oozing or swelling.  But the itching  has caused me to rip open all old scabs.  And the itching is insane!  I was up every 1-2 hours with an  itch attack.  This morning they have itch attack since 6 am...that's 5 hours of no more itching, so I think it is over.  But being up most of the night has exhausted me....working a 12 hour shift seems too overwhelming right now. My hubby just offered to work for me...I didn't even have to ask  - it was quite clear I could barely keep my eyes open.

I have noticed that for the last month or so my sores are not healing well.  They seem to be taking longer to close up.  One major thing I stopped was the glutathione.  Hubby noticed this as well and encouraged me to start back on it.  I hate taking any pill or supplement, so I have been trying to reduce my intake of them. The glutathione is something the body makes on its own when it has the proper active B's.  So I thought I could stop the glutathione since increasing my active B's.  But glutathione is responsible for cleansing and repairing cells.  So I think given the severity of my gene mutation, I may still not be producing enough of my own glutathione given how damaged my whole body must be.  I started back on the glutathione this morning - a few weeks time and I will re-evaluate the  condition of my sores.

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  1. Hi tracy,
    Im happy to hear ur doing so well and so motivated into this study about gene mutations. You are definately onto something!
    Miss u. Xoxo