Monday, March 24, 2014

A stress free weekend trip!!!

This past weekend we ended up going to Rochester to visit family.  It's about a 3.5-4 hour trip...depending on how many stops are needed for 3 kids and 2 dogs.  This was the first trip in the last year that was completely stress free...I only had to worry about packing the benadryl for sleep.  I didn't even bother with all my other vitamins because at this point in the  game, a few days off of them does not affect me at all.  I remember the first 3 months on the supplements I had to make sure I took everything everyday.  If I skipped a day of my MSM powder, I would end up oozing and inflamed.  Now I have cut way down on the MSM powder and if I skip a day I notice no change in my skin.  I figured I will stop taking everything except the active B's and fish oil when I run out of my supply...even if my skin is not all the way healed.  I am only a few days away from running out of  TMG...I will not be ordering anymore.  Now after a week after something ends and I notice my skin getting worse, I will re-evaluate the need for more.  But for now that is my plan.  Things are going very well still. Healing remains slow, but steady.  My hands even though dry looking feel soft in many areas....I am thinking the oils are finally coming in.

Overall things are great!  I cannot be happier with the progress of my skin and not flaring at all anymore.  I control the dry itching with tanning and that is all the care and thought I give my skin now.  I would like the dry sores to heal faster,  but I still feel like my body has tons more internal healing to do.  I have tons of energy but still get tired from time to time.  I think after 41 years of my body not being able to heal properly, I believe it will take at least a few years for my body to get to full function. But in the meantime, I plan to enjoy life and do as much as I can....and just realize I will need breaks from time to time to allow my body to heal fully.

The next month will be eventful!  We are planning on our final move to Kentucky....very exciting times!  We have plans to purchase a small house on a few acres with a barn and chicken coop.  If all goes well I can plant my garden this spring and get some chicks!  In the meantime I will be taking online courses to become a medical herbalist.  I cannot stress just how happy I am and how wonderful I feel!  There IS life after TSW and it is glorious! If you are having a very down horrible day, keep this in mind!  My first 8 months were a nightmare, but then life suddenly got better and there has been no turning back to bad times.  I pray everyone can have such  a wonderful recovery!!

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