Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Flares and Illness

I don't know about anyone else with eczema or TSA, but all my life as long as I can remember I would get a really bad flare with each and every illness no matter how big or small.  A sore throat would cause a flare as much as the flu would. A few days ago I developed a minor GI bug - it got worse this morning and then has progressively gotten better throughout the day with soup, fluids, and rest.  I have not had a mini-flare in over a week until the other day when my hands and ankles flared a bit for less than an hour.  Today they flared for maybe 15 minutes this morning.  That's it.  I have even had some pretty significant healing happening on my hands today.  Very weird.  But let me tell you....to have such a minor flare during this GI bug is nothing short of a miracle! I mean seriously to me it's a significant step towards realizing just how healed I am!

Other than my mini flare and stomach issues, things are going very well.  Have my resume out to many places and praying my husband and I find a job in Kentucky or Ohio near where we bought property.  We are ready to settle down after 7 years of traveling.  In fact the reason we started traveling in the first place was during my first sort of TSW and we had no idea why I was so sick.  We were fed up with my doctors getting nowhere with my unknown condition.  So we set off in hopes of finding a doctor or specialist who could help me.  It has been an exciting time doing all the traveling we did, but at times very stressful with my health being so up and down.  It seems fitting that now that we know what's wrong and have a cure, that we are now ready to settle and build a life in  one spot.  :)

Since we have  no set date for moving yet, but we know we will be moving as soon as we get permanent jobs, I have started the process of cleaning and packing. I have really let the house go all last year with being so sick.  So now it is time for some true spring cleaning!!! :)

Praying all my TSW friends and family are doing well!  Just remember, if you're in a dark place right now, understand that it will  not be dark forever.  You can read back in the earlier days of this blog where I talk about being in some really dark places.  I thought I would NEVER see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Seriously...my tunnel was often pitch black with no hint of light. I thought I would end up there for years and years.  I had a 30 year history so my TSW sentence while unknown definitely had a long time  attached to it. But I have beaten the odds and my light is shining so darn bright right now!!!  I have the occasional gray clouds pop up from time to time, but for me the sky has not been overcast in 5 months!  No thunderstorms or rain!  Just a few clouds here and there....sometimes they block the sun for a few hours, but other than that, my days are bright sun shining days!  Soon enough even those pesky  clouds will be gone!  So keep that visual in your head....no matter how black the darkness gets, the sun is waiting for you around the corner!

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