Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I'm really at a place where I just don't mind my skin at all.  My hands are to a place where washing dishes and taking showers do not bother them at all.  I've worked the last few weekends without any flaring or worsening of my hands.  In fact no mini flares in about 2 weeks....I had to go back in my blog to find out when my last mini flare was...I wrote on 3/14 that I had had a small mini flare on my neck a few days prior so that would put me at around 2 weeks mini-flare free. And of course no major flare in over 5 months. No complaints here. Sleeping is good, energy is good, life is great!  As the pictures show below, sores are still healing...more quickly on my hands than ankles.  Chin still slightly irritated looking, but doesn't itch.   Everywhere else is nice and clear.  Back is all cleared up. Legs are wonderful.  Arms have some dryness but previously irritated areas are nearly all cleared up.  Just have my hands and ankles and one tiny dime sized spot just above my belly button.  I'm really looking forward to wearing short sleeves this summer!!!! :)

This shot is whited out a tone is like my right hand below.

Both hands are white/pink in color....note the tanned hands are only tanning on a few fingers.  Otherwise I think more healing is needed to get my skin tone and texture back to normal.  Note my right foot in the top of of right foot is finally sore free....the white/pink areas are the scarred areas.

Left inner ankle....seems no different than last picture a week or so ago...still itches from time to time, but hasn't oozed in ages and there is no more swelling. 

That's it folks....I think this is the final weeks of my TSW. Going to give it another month or two, but if I remain flare  free then I think I can declare myself healed in about 2 months.  That will put me at 7.5  months free of major flaring, and 10 weeks free of mini-flares.  My mini-flares have been very consistent over the last 5-6 months....decreasing in length and areas affected.  They went from lasting 2 weeks affecting 3-4 problem areas to lasting 15-20 minutes affecting a dime sized area.  And in 2 weeks, nothing. My surface dryness here and there causes some itching, but nothing I even think about.  Haven't had any blood spots on my clothes or sheets. And my temperature issue seems all back to normal....haven't had a hot/cold flash in well over 2 weeks. I have been on 2 major road trips during the last few months and planning on another one soon. I don't pack anything ice packs, no extra clothes, nada.  In fact I didn't even bring my supplements for the last getaway.  I almost feel like apologizing for being so I know how horrible it feels during the really bad days.  But I am bringing hope to all of you!  I never expected to feel so good at 13 months after using TS for 30 years consistently.  And the good thing is I have felt good for the last 5 months!  I no longer feel this is a long break....I know others have had up to 6 months of a break before flaring again. But the average break seems to be between 2-4 months. So a big part of me feels healed.  There is that 0.01% left in me wondering if I will flare again.  Time will tell! (And so will I if I do flare). 


  1. What a difference! Congratulation! You deserve it :)

  2. Congrats!! I'm only three months in (tmrw).. Wish I could feel as great as you!
    One day :)

  3. Thank you Dan and Jo. WILL get there one day! I remember thinking there was no way I could survive another day, let alone months. But surprisingly the time went by faster than I thought. The first few months though it dragged and each day was near impossible to get through. But once I started focusing on finding a way to make this easier and less painful, the time went by so much faster. It helped to have something so important to focus on! Hang in there!

  4. Great news Tracy!

    I guess you are at the stage of "feeling better before looking better". Those pictures, I believe, look worse than they actually are. I too also have ugly looking skin but it feels great to just function normally =) Sometimes it feels like it is a new 2nd start to life.

    Take care and have fun!

  5. Hi Leslie,
    Thank you! Yes, it looks worse than it feels. But it looked even worse a few weeks back and still felt OK. My hands are now healing even faster...almost to the point I no longer notice them on a day to day basis. And I wholeheartedly agree---it does feel like a 2nd start to life!! Hope you continue to heal without any setbacks!

  6. Hi Tracy, Your posts are so positive and "sound" full of joy and excitement! glad you are getting your life and (good) skin back! Both my son and I have a mutation in the MTHFR gene, and he will be following up with ND soon. (I did respond to your survey.) I don't have TSW but I have other issues that I'll deal with once my boy is free ;-)
    I love your blog. Keep on healing!
    Rosemarie/RAC (Beyond the Itch)

    1. Rosemarie....thank you very much! Thank you for letting me know! I hope your son finds relief with treatment!

  7. I am so glad, this is brilliant news! We are still in the thick of it - but its great to see you feeling so much better, it gives us hope to continue. I guess you are in the US? I'm not sure how we would go about getting a genetic test. How do we convince a doctor of this? Our son has had genetic testing, but I'm not sure what the results were. I think it was for Ichthyosis, but the results were inconclusive.

  8. Yes...I'm in the US. I know people in the UK and Australia are having a hard time getting the genetic testing. Have you looked into 23&me? If you talk to your doctor you can tell him that so far 7/7 people have tested positive for the MTHFR gene mutation who also have TSW. Considering only 30% of the population have this mutation, and 100% of those with TSW who have been tested have the mutation, you can ask him to at least look into it and consider it.

  9. So fantastic, Tracy! Love your post and so glad you are doing so well!

  10. seems like 23&me don't do health related reports anymore. Maybe we should try the vits and see if they help.

  11. I believe they still send you raw data....there are websites that can interpret the raw data for you for free if you are still interested.