Tuesday, March 18, 2014

New chapters in life...

At 41 years old I can look back on my life and clearly see specific chapters I have had...marked by major changes.  There were the childhood chapter, the high school and college chapters, the single life/dating chapter, the beginning my career chapter, getting married and having children chapter, and so on.  Even though my children are still relatively young, we are beginning a whole new chapter in our lives.  Hubby and I have been traveling nurses for the last 7 years and during that traveling, we searched for a cure for my ever worsening eczema.  This year is the transition we make to settling down and finally being healthy.  We are also diversifying our careers.  We will continue to be nurses but start new business...herbs and farming. This is a very exciting time for us as well as stressful and full of unknowns.  All I know is this new chapter is going to be very different for one reason...I will no longer struggle with my skin.  It will be so amazing to not think about it all the time.  It will no longer control what I am able to do on any given day.  It will no longer bring me down because my liver is toxic and my adrenals are shot.  This is my chapter to really LIVE!!  The energy I have had lately is amazing!!  I cannot believe how great I feel on most days now.  It is truly a blessing from our Lord!

As for my skin....nothing new to report as things are status quo....no flaring and slow steady healing of my hands and ankles. I had more than usual itching this week....all surface itching.  I think it's due to having a higher than normal bacterial count due to going back to work and not taking the time to tan. Tanning seems to really keep the itching down. The UV rays are great at killing bacteria!!  So off I went to tan this morning and will go back 2-3 more times this week just to get the itching back to a minimal level.

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  1. It gives me hope to see people recovering from TSW. I have not long ago created a blog for my son Josh and his journey. I have added your blog to my list of recommended links and we're following. Its nice to see how others are doing. I hope that Josh soon feels better too. (from Louise, Josh's mum)