Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Another amazing story to share!

There is this 3 year old sweet boy who wants to be like other 3 years olds....laughing, playing, jumping, bugging his siblings, and so forth.  But God had other plans for him during his toddler years.  This little one suffered with eczema since the age of 6 weeks.  He also suffered with numerous food and other allergies (quite severe mind you).  Topical steroids were applied but the eczema only got worse over time.  This little one (AKA Bubba Fett) has an AMAZING mommy!  She went on long journeys, searching near and far to find a cure.  She couldn't stand watching her little one suffer so.  Finally in October 2013, she discovered ITSAN.  She finally realized what was happening...that the steroid creams themselves were making things worse!  She stopped the steroid cream applications and Bubba Fett went into topical steroid withdrawal.  Not only did he go through the ups and downs of this horrendous process, but his mommy had to deal with dismissive doctors who thought she was crazy to NOT put steroid creams all over her babe!  She describes the days on his blog:   He has had good days and of course some pretty darn bad days. 

But his mommy did not stop there....oh no she did not!!  She wanted to make sure to continue to help him...finding answers for his numerous allergies, finding ways to help him cope with TSW, and overall just improving his health.  What a GREAT mommy this little one has!!  She has looked into the GAPS diet and other things.  Then she happened across the information I have been sharing about the MTHFR gene mutation.  She decided to start him on the active B supplements.  She had also been doing MW with him as well.  And I thought I would share the pictures she shared with me showing the difference in his skin 1 week into the supplements:

His mommy wanted to know if it was possible that the active B's could work that fast?  The answer is yes!  I went from barely existing to going back to work and feeling great in 2 weeks.  So yes it can work that fast!  He will still flare until the TSW is out of his system.  But hopefully he will be like me...having mini-flares that only last a very short time, being able to sleep soundly, having less itching and burning.  I pray this little one jumps right back into toddler-hood....running, jumping, playing, and of course bugging his siblings like all 3 year olds should!  

Many thanks to his mommy for allowing me to share his story and his pictures with my readers!  As for whether or not he has the gene mutation....testing has not yet been completed.  However given his many allergies from birth and his almost immediate response to the active B's, one can guess that he more than likely has the mutation.  His mom will keep me posted! 

As for all the other mommy's out there with little ones suffering with TSW - you are my heroes!!  I have 3 kids now ages 12, 11, and 8.  I cannot imagine watching any of them at ANY age go through such pain and suffering!  Your strength is like that of steel!  You stay up at all hours of the night with your little one, trying to ease the suffering.  You take care of the other members of your household, trying desperately to hold it together!  You have private moments of breaking down, but then pull yourself together to keep fighting the good fight!  I want you all to know you are warriors as well!  And all of you are in my thoughts and prayers as well as the ones suffering! 

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  1. INCREDIBLE! Yay Bubba Fett and Mommy! Thanks again for the "gene theory," Tracy. You have positively affected many lives and many more to come :-) Send this story to NEA.