Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Taking an online break...

Things here at home are pretty crazy busy...will catch everyone up on the details at some point....but just wanted to say I will be away from the online world for awhile.  Nothing bad...all good really!  But there are times when things are SO busy that I have to cut some things out of life for a bit.  The next few weeks are going to be one of those times!  I hope everyone is well and hanging in there!  I will check back sometime in the next few weeks.  At this moment I remain flare free and my skin is healing nicely on my neck and hands.  I pray it continues down this nice road it's on! :)


  1. Good luck with whatever it is your doing Tracy. I'm glad to hear you continue to heal well. The same is true for me. Looking forward to summer!

  2. Will miss you Tracy, have fun! from Louise

  3. Tracy, your kids are beautiful! I'm glad your hands are doing so much better! My husband is a mess and wanting to avoid all meds he can (including the active b's) I can't convince him at this point. Hopefully he will enter a period of relief and I can get him educated about the MTHFR gene defect. I'll email you soon.

    1. Hi Sharon....wanted to reach out to you! I'm sorry your husband is suffering so. Do you belong to the FB page? There is a great discussion going on regarding the gene mutation. It may help explain things better for him. Trust me I know how he feels. When things were really bad I just had to stop everything and didn't want to hear from my husband or anyone else what might help me. It's a very dark place to be but the light is there. He may be ready to hear about it soon.
      I really can't seem to stay away! The hotel I'm at has free wifi! !! Lol.