Wednesday, April 9, 2014

On an MTHFR gene Mission!

Well I am back home after a week long trip to Kentucky.  It was a wonderful time and full of things to ponder.  More on that later as not all decisions have been made yet.

My current mission other than getting back on the healthy eating bandwagon, getting my house in tip top shape, and getting my kids back involved in activities, is to do some deep research into the MTHFR genetic mutation issue!  So much has been said this last week on Facebook regarding this.  I knew eventually when more and more  people got tested and turned up positive, AND started seeing results with proper therapy, this whole issue would start exploding.  The explosion is starting.  While this is a wonderful thing, it has also made me aware of how little I know about the gene mutation.  I did a ton of reading on it when first diagnosed, but obviously not enough!! So I plan to make it my mission the next few weeks to become MUCH better informed on this very complex issue to make sure I am providing all the right information.  I just feel like there are some things I just still do not know about it and the supplements.  So I want to be able to give the best possible information to everyone!  

Stay tuned.....


  1. what facebook group is this? Sounds promising, good luck and keep us posted :)

    1. Just friend me on Facebook and I will send you an invite. :)