Saturday, April 26, 2014

BIG things coming!

I am popping in to say I have not fallen off the face of the earth - although it feels that way!  :)  I have been lingering here and there and have been on/off FB to keeps tabs on how things are going.  I have been in the process of making some major decisions and changes in my life.  I have a LOT more to say but do not have time at the moment to explain everything.  Suffice to say all is good and I will be back soon to explain all that is going on and to respond to some negative criticism. 

As for my skin - all is good - so good in fact I totally forgot to take those pictures I said I was going to take.  My skin healed so nicely after the 2 day mini-flare that I am back to where I was before it happened and even better I think.  Not sure as I no longer look at my skin with any scrutiny.  I shower, I get dressed, I go about my day with no concern about my skin as it feels fine.  I have the dry spots like before but very little itching, no oozing, no pain, no redness, no swelling, and nothing that reminds me of my flare days.  My only issue at hand are my dry hands - they are dry but that's all, unless of course I start washing them frequently - then they crack and get super irritated.  Working one day a week is OK as the remainder of the week my hands recover back to their normal dry selves.  Working full time (in a hospital at least) will have to wait until my hands are no longer sensitive.  But that is all good as I have a lot of things on my plate at the moment.  :)

Hope everyone is having a good day! 

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  1. Hi tracy
    I am so happy things are all well for u.
    Miss u xoxo lisa