Saturday, August 3, 2013

Looking on the bright side AND a new book!!!

First, kudos to all those that put in so much time and effort to get out a children's book about TSW - it's called "Taming the Scratchy Monster".  I plan to buy this, but for an excellent review please visit Miss Kitty's awesome blog!  I cannot wait to read it!!
So there is a bright side to this nasty flare that came back 2 days ago.  I wanted to wait a bit before I got excited about it in case it took a day or 2 to spread.  But this morning all is good in one aspect.  If you have been following my journey, you will know that my neck has been my worst area since the beginning - having to wear an ice pack around it nearly 24/7 for months on end.  When the flare returned this time, my neck was spared!!!  It is ever so slightly dry, but ice is not needed during the day.  I still go to bed with an ice pack around my neck - I think it's really just for comfort seeing as how it has been with me so long!  But I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to not be flaring on my neck!

Of course the rest of the flare is pretty severe.  I was in tears for quite a few hours yesterday - mostly from the pain.  I had been nearly pain free for a few weeks so when the flare came on and I accidentally scratched a few areas, the pain was intense!  It was sharp stabbing pain - pins and needles amplified by the nth degree! This morning though it is more tolerable.  So hopefully if I can keep from scratching, then the pain should go way down like it did before.

Hope everyone is having a good skin day!!!  :)

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  1. Hope you get a nice flare-free period soon. Thanks for blogging so regularly. I love reading your posts.

    You will love the book. I hear the author is a genius and super-talented! hehe. xoxoxox