Thursday, August 1, 2013

Why couldn't you leave me alone for a little while longer?

You're not welcome here - but I must accept your presence or lose my mind.  You left me alone for a whole week!  We have been together for the last 5 1/2 months straight when all of a sudden you left except for a tiny portion.  I was so happy to see you leave.  It was unexpected and the best 7 days I've had all year!  You are simply just not wanted.  You bring with you pain and suffering.  Some days you bring me to my knees in tears, crying for you to go away.  But you never listen.  You come and go whenever you see fit.  It's not fair - why can't you have some sort of pattern at least?  Then I could at least prepare for your coming and goings.  But no, you do what you want when you want. The good thing is I know some day you will leave and never return.  As much as I do not wish you upon my worst enemy, at least I know you will find another victim, someone who needs to be rid of the constant pain topical steroid induced eczema causes.  You will visit them and free them from their agony.  What they once thought as a lifetime ailment, they will be happy to know has a cure.  While you are the cure, your presence is too long and too painful.  But you will not knock me down and keep me down.  I will get up each and every time.  I will fight you tooth and nail.  I will attempt to get on with my life no matter how much you try to sabotage it.  I will look you in the eye and tell you that you suck and are rotten to the core.  You may control a lot of my life for some time, but it will not last!  I will not allow you to define who I am as a person!  If you stop me in my tracks I will double back and find another path.  You and I have a true love/hate relationship.  I love you for bringing me out of my eczema suffering for the last 40 years.  But I hate you just the same for what you make my body go through.  While you are healing my body, my body must go through the worst trials and tribulations it has seen to date.  But at least I will heal.  I will someday have no more itching, no more burning skin, no more open sores that never heal.  I guess 1-3 years is a small price to pay for such freedom, but you still suck!  Hello FLARE, welcome back!  I hate you!


  1. Oh dear, naughty flare. So sorry Tracy :(

    You will soldier on because you are ace. Kick that scratchy monster in the booty!!


  2. HI Tracy!

    sucks you are back in a flare. since i think i am too.
    i am rashy all over my face and red and blotchy!
    i am still working and people ask me what is wrong with my face. i am so sad.
    oh well. better days.