Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What a real break is for me!

I know some people have a break from their flaring and their skin looks really good - almost normal.  For me, my break is still great - but great in my terms.  I am still having issues behind my knees and my upper thighs.  My hands and wrists are still red and the skin there feels very rough.  I also have a rough patch on my lower back.  The itching has not abated - I still itch 24/7 but it is thankfully not that bone-deep itch that drove me crazy a month ago.  This is by no means a complaint - it is only to let other TSW sufferers know that a break may not be a 100% complete break from the symptoms.  It may just be a time when things calm down enough where you do not have to moisturize all the time, when you can move without significant pain, and when your skin doesn't tear the second you scratch it.  Below are some pictures I took yesterday after yet another shower!!   I so miss taking a shower!

A little patchy here and there but nothing bad at all!

My left arm where it was really bad for all 5 months!  It is now healing nicely with a few patches still aggravated at the elbow.

Back of my neck with sores healing nicely

Left arm slightly pink and dry - no big deal!  

Right arm more dry and patchy than left arm, but not bothersome - more like a bit annoying at times.  

This is a bit bleary but my left hand still doing much better with the Emu oil.

Behind my knees are back to swollen, red, and painful - but truly the only real flared area on my body.  

My face is dry - but not like it has been.  Spot on right cheek is nearly all healed.  


  1. Tracy, you are definitely looking better. I know exactly what you mean about getting a break but not 100% from the symptoms. I am a long time user to so my whole body is red. A break for me is never regular skin color. it'll be just a little less red or a little less itchy. Hang I there. I think we are both in for the long haul.

  2. Happy for your Healing! It's Great to see progress even if it takes forever. How do you find the Emu oil?