Sunday, July 21, 2013

And Let The Spreading Continue!!!

Emotionally I am feeling loads better!  Physically, not so much so.  This flare is better in a some areas and worse in others.  My left arm is finally not grossly swollen!!!  My lower arms are mad itchy and red and still oozing in some spots, but the upper left arm - the grossly swollen excoriated horrible area that has made it impossible to sleep in my left side for 4-5 months is now just red!  I slept on my left side for the last few nights!  Woo-hoo!  That's progress!  :)

But then there are the areas that are much worse - like my face.  I have this goatee shaped area of cracked oozing skin.  I only rubbed the area - didn't scratch or even use the comb, but it is pretty bad - painful to open my mouth to eat (hey I could stand to lose a few pounds anyway!).  My neck is back to its pain in the neck self.  My chest and abdomen are itchy red and oozing.  My legs are horrendous!  The spreading is really bad on them and so is the intense itching!!!  I have broken up areas of sores and fissures, but not as bad as if I were to use my nails.  2 steps forward and 1 step back in this area.  I have significant bruising all over my legs from combing them - the itch is THAT bad.  Now I have small itchy bumps on my left ankle and left ring finger - those will be due to swell and ooze in a day or so.  Guess it is time to take off the wedding ring before my finger gets too swollen.  I used to have really bad "eczema" on my ankles and fingers - so these new areas are scaring me - my ankles were as bad as my neck and we already know how bad my neck has been for all these months!  I still have significant scars on my ankles from all the sores I had there over the years. 

Good news is my back is status quo - the redness spread to the whole lower back and upper back leaving the area between my shoulders with just some sores and scratches but not much in redness and swelling.  The Vaseline helps my back stay flexible and the combing has not broken open any areas on my back so it is healing over nicely.  As long as I put Vaseline on twice a day, I have no pain.  This was a very painful area - any movement caused pain all along my back - but with not scratching the skin open, all that pain is now gone.  It's localized to the few areas I still manage to scratch open - tops of my thighs and behind my knees.  A little on my neck too but not bad.  Living without so much pain the past few days have been so nice!!!  I just pray I can keep from breaking open any more skin.  With flaring, my skin is much more sensitive so it has broken open a little on my arms with the comb but not to the point where it is causing me pain or causing deep gashes.  I am hoping my order comes in soon with my new scratchers - will take pictures of them and give a report on how they work for me. 

Exercise is going well.  My heart rate and blood pressure remain elevated above normal (for me).  I am now up to 25-30 minutes each time I exercise.  I am hoping that once I increase to 40-45 minutes, my blood pressure and heart rate (at rest) will start to decline.  My heart rate while exercising stays at a nice 140 - so much better than the 160's.  I have added in wall push ups as well.  Will add in a few strength exercises each week to start developing better muscle tone.  I will keep it nice and easy while still gong through TSW - I still feel an overall high level of stress in my body and still having significant times of fatigue.  Today I did not get moving until 5pm - was exhausted all day.  But around 5 I got on the elliptical and then took my bath.  I am back to feeling tired now but at least I am functioning!  I hope this fatigue passes soon.  I have been keeping up with all my vitamins and that really helped boost my energy for weeks.  But the last 1-2 weeks I have been beyond exhausted every day - sleeping 2-3 hours more than normal as well - whether in the mornings or by taking long naps.

Off I go to get some things done around the house.  Hope every one is having a decent skin day!


  1. Blimey, I can't believe you're doing so much (including exercise!) with such severe symptoms! I just sat around a lot eating ready meals... I officially pronounce you hardcore. Fact. xxx

  2. HI Tracy!
    hang in there. After the spreading comes the healing.
    your blogging almost daily and exercising at the same time is so crazy! you are heroooo.