Thursday, July 11, 2013

Pre and Post Antibiotic picture

On the Google support group, many have expressed how antibiotics helped to clear them up for a few weeks.  I am on day 4 of antibiotics and doing OK.  I am back to my basic level of pain, itching, and redness.  The redness on my arms is actually reduced - but my face and neck and legs remain the same.  I am still miserable and have to wear my ice pack 24/7 around my neck, but I am not balled up on the floor crying from the pain.  I am not expecting miracles with the antibiotics - just wanted relief from that terrible increase in pain - and I got that relief, so I am happy!

One other thing I have decided to try based on another warrior's advice is emu oil.  Apparently it has many healing properties and is used often for burns.  Since our skin is often likened to burn victims due to the severe damage of the many layers of skin, I thought I would give this a try.  My supply came in the mail yesterday so I only started it last night.  According to pictures provided by the company, some of the burn victims see significant changes by 6-7 days.  So I will give this a week and then post pictures.  I am only trying this on a few areas given it stings a bit and I want to make sure my skin tolerates it and does not react badly.

My right arm during my severe pain this weekend.

Right arm last night on day 3 of antibiotics.

Face this weekend

Face this morning - still red and tight but little to no pain.  


  1. Gosh Working Mom, how incredibly brave you are. Thank you for taking the bold step to blog all this and for the time you've spent supporting others on the forum. You are ace xxx

  2. Thank you Miss Kitty!!! LOVE your blog!! You are an ace as well with all the information you provide!!!

  3. Hi tracy,
    Wow the AB really didwonders for ur arm.
    Only 4 days too.
    I remember being on AB and was less red on the face. After i came of 2 weeks later.bam. Rash. Hope it goes good for u.
    Does ur AB help with pimples? Lol. u know why. Im pimply. Lol

  4. Hi Lisa - no it has done NOTHING for the darn pimples on my legs!!! :(

  5. Hey, we have been off for the same amount if time! I quit around VDAY too! LOL
    I hope you start to feel better :)

  6. Ouch ouch! I know exactly what that feels like. And when I see your pictures, I see my own skin. At 16 months, I am not as severe as you are anymore, so it does get better! I tried emu oil a few years ago when I was unknowingly addicted. It didn't help me, but I was still on steroids though so I can't really count anything I did back then. I still remember its distinct odor. It will stain your clothes so make sure you don't wear anything you care about! (Actually, do any of us at this point wear clothes we care about?! Perhaps that was a silly comment. :) )