Friday, July 26, 2013

A new hobby I obtained during TSW

It's funny when I think about it - my new hobby is writing.  I of course started this blog about 4 months into TSW.  I wanted to write about TSW when I first threw away my creams.  I even started a few blogs, but then erased them the same day.  In the beginning I was just so emotional over finding out about TSW and dealing with the onslaught of symptoms.  I also went through having to decide to take time off of work and how we were going to survive financially.  Whenever I started writing about my experience with TSW, I would break down.  For some reason it was just too much.  So I started writing about other things and I found this to be therapeutic.  I did write a few articles on CNN iReport about TSW and enjoyed getting the word out that way.  Unfortunately it did not get the attention I wanted it to because I feel so passionately about getting this information out there. 

What I found funny was the article that I wrote about guns that got way more attention than I ever imagined.  It is funny because I was having a frustrating TSW day and took out that frustration in writing about gun control.  I ended up with my article as a byline on, a video on me and my family made by the NRA, and giving a speech in PA.  The video was hard to do because my skin was burning that whole day.  Luckily the lighting actually lightened my skin so I looked a normal skin tone and not as red as I really was.  I have done a few more iReports - none with any attention and that is fine by me - I just enjoy writing more than I ever thought I would! Writing this blog over the past 2 months has become more therapeutic each and every day.  But I find it refreshing to write about something else besides my skin!  :)  You can see my articles here:

I am hoping to write another article about TSW once I am healed with before/after pics.  I want to try to get this out there as much as possible.  :)


  1. Hi Tracy, I had no idea you wrote for CNN but I should have known you write outside of this blog world since you are excellent at it! :) I went and read your article about guns, and while I don't get into discussing politics, much of what you said resonated with me. I don't have children to protect, just myself, but over the past few months with everything going on in my life, I decided that it was necessary to educate myself about guns, properly learn to shoot them, and become comfortable with handling them should such a dire situation ever arise. I found the experience to be remarkably empowering and I ended up applying for my concealed weapon permit and doing a lot of gun research online with the intent of buying one soon. So I definitely agree with your viewpoint that a gun is a tool just like any other dangerous implement is a tool, and children and guns can co-exist in a household if they are taught about guns with the proper respect and responsibility. I also think that my 'gun journey' provided an extra measure of confidence during TSW! I couldn't control my skin but darn right that I could control how I felt about my own personal self-defense. Keep up the great work and I hope your skin is also continuing to heal slowly but surely!

  2. Thank you sweetie!! I don't write for CNN as a paid employee - I write articles for the iReport page - anyone can submit articles on anything. Every so often they will run one of the articles on their home page. It's a stress reliever for me to write about things that concern me. Love your gun journey story!! Thank you for sharing! It made me smile! :)