Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Amazing people!!!

Is there someone who has come into your life at just the right moment?  Someone who does something so unexpected and kind that it brings you to tears?  Well, today was one of those days.  Let me explain....

We do not have a washer and dryer - we have plans to move to another state as soon as I am well enough and we just decided not to buy a washer and dryer until after we move.  So we have been taking our laundry to a local laundromat.  For awhile we did our own laundry - it would take a few hours once a week - nothing bad.  But before I learned about TSW, hubby and I were working some over time so we paid to have our laundry done - they charge $1 per pound - and we get it all nicely folded and organized.  The lady who does it even puts all the socks together!  After we stopped the over time, we kept having them do the laundry as it was so convenient and not expensive.  Anyway - I went to pick up the laundry today - the 2 owners were both there - Bill and Anna.  Anna said she felt horrible seeing me yesterday when I dropped the laundry off because my skin was so bad and I was constantly itching.  She told Bill who came up to me offering some home made cream he had made for his psoriasis.  I declined politely stating I have tried everything.  Well he insisted - gave me a tub for free.  He says it has a special ingredient from Spain that he says is sacred.  I thought I would give it a try - why not.  Then he proceeds to tell me he contacted his church and explained my condition he did this without even seeing me....just went on what Anna told him.  He said I will be in a prayer chain for the next 90 days and they are holding a special mass in my name on Saturday.  I was deeply humbled and brought to tears.  These are such kind and wonderful people!  I have not seen them in 3 months as I have been basically home bound because of TSW - hubby has been dropping off the laundry every week all these months.  But before I would talk to them - never realizing how spiritual they were.  Today I felt a deep feeling of gratitude and thankfulness for these people who went out of their way to help me without me asking.

Today I am very very itchy!!  More so than normal.  My arms continue to be swollen and red and oozing.  My face seems to have less redness and swelling - but super itchy as well.  My legs continue to get worse with the spreading flare. My back continues to spread as well and is very painful in certain areas.  Here are a few pics - compared to previous pics, I look better, but in real life I don't see any difference - I think my camera is very finicky depending on the light so some pictures make me look more red than others when in reality the redness is the same.

Overall I say my neck and face are looking much better - my face is no where near as dry - but then again I started putting vaseline on it again and it now seems t o tolerate it better than it did before.  

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  1. I'm sorry you are suffering tsw and totally understand what you are going through. I prayed and cried so much to God during my worst times and thought often about Job. I learned a lot and am still learning a lot about suffering and hanging on to the Lord through it all. Glad you are blogging about the steroids and your journey as you will help many others. xx